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Here’s How to be Featured Here on Hy-Lo News

You guys have asked and we’re giving you the info you need. If you want to be featured or have a news tip you want covered on Hy-Lo News, then here’s how to get published and posted with us.

Depending on the content you can submit story ideas in the following ways:

Option 1: Email us your press release and photos to For events please give us 4 weeks lead time for coverage. If you do not have a press release, no problem! We now have a service that will help you create one. You can commission to have your press release created by emailing us at

Option 2: Slide into our DMs. You can send us a direct message on Instagram to share your post that promotes your event, issue, or content you want us to repost. Please make sure you send posts that have a caption that clearly explains what the post is about. We may have follow up questions so we can provide our audience more context.

Option 3: We have reporters and contributors who cover specific topics for Hy-lo News which include events, community affairs, social issues, politics, government, South Florida Celebs, entertainment and comedy. If you have a story idea or post idea that they should cover then slide directly in their DMs. Under all of our content posts, you’ll see our contributor’s IG handle.

If you have any questions about coverage on Hy-Lo News, feel free to hit us up. We look forward to amplifying the stories of Black and Brown people in our communities.

Do you have news to share? If so, send Hy-Lo News your story ideas by clicking here.

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    Looking forward to more from Hy-Lo News!

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