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Hy-Lo News, which is short for hyper-local news, began in the Spring of 2015 as an alternative news source for Black communities in South Florida. In 2018, We evolved to focus our coverage on Urban Millennials in South Florida.

We aim to inform Black and Brown Millennials in South Florida on who’s from their community, who’s doing cool and exciting things and what’s happening where they live, work and play. Hy-Lo News tells the stories the mainstream media cannot and will not cover.

We here at Hy-Lo News believe that we must change the way people view the black community, by telling the stories that have been neglected, but have always existed. We believe that hyper-local news about our community will change how people view the Black community. Black people are more than crime,  gang violence,  crooked politicians, sports and entertainment. We are business owners, loving parents, community leaders, over achieving students and all that makes any community complex and beautiful.

We are multifaceted. We exist on many levels, as does all people. The time is now to tell those stories. There’s no need to wait on mainstream media to tell them,  because we can! We can define ourselves for ourselves, and digital media and social media makes that effectively possible. Hy-Lo News will not ignore the fact that the black community has foundational issues involving crime, corruption and inequalities with jobs and education. However, Hy-Lo News will show there’s more going on than just those issues.

The Black community is more than just one-sided stories. We deserve to have all our stories told and Hy-Lo News is here to do just that.

Thank you in advance for rocking with us!

–Editor-In-Chief, Janey Tate


This was written by Janey Tate. Follow Hy-Lo News Editor-in-Chief on Twitter @Janey_TateFacebook, and Instagram.

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