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From Foster Care to Advocacy: The Inspirational Journey of Natasha Jordan

Natasha is a self-proclaimed Businesswoman, Philanthropist, and Helping Hand to Others.

Natasha Jordan’s trajectory from foster care to success exemplifies resilience, determination, and compassion. Her journey from adversity to advocacy is characterized by a commitment to community advancement, mentorship, and support for disadvantaged individuals.

Growing up as a foster child and caring for a mentally ill mother, Natasha Jordan developed an unparalleled capacity to empathize and care for others. These experiences fueled her passion for community service, leading her to become a vital resource for those in need. Jordan’s transformation from a foster child to a dynamic businesswoman and community leader enabled her to bridge the gaps in the Community and Human Service field.

Her commitment to professional growth is evident in her educational achievements and certifications. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Community & Human Service Management and an Associate of Science in Community & Human Service. Her qualifications include certification as an Assisted Living Core Training Provider by the Agency For Health Care Administration and accreditation as a Certified Professional Coach by Fowler International.

Natasha Jordan photographed with her book “From Foster Care With A Purpose”

Natasha Jordan’s dedication to giving back is exemplified through her various initiatives and lifestyle brands. These include:

  • All Things Natasha J: A platform that embodies her advocacy for community advancement and personal growth.
  • Natasha J Books: Publications that leverage her personal experiences to inspire and educate others.
  • The Next Urban Millionaires: Empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.
  • Sarah Jo’s Beauty Chateau: Fostering wellness and lifestyle enhancement.
  • From Foster Care With A Purpose: Creating safe spaces and opportunities for foster care children.
  • Your Residential Care Consultants: Offering expert guidance in residential housing and care.

Jordan’s advocacy extends to disadvantaged individuals who have faced life-altering challenges. Her efforts serve to shed light on the realities of being a minority in America, striving to educate society about these underacknowledged experiences. Through philanthropic initiatives, Jordan has garnered recognition for her compassion and dedication, inspiring others to embrace similar values and contribute to global initiatives.

Looking ahead, Natasha Jordan remains steadfast in her commitment to fostering awareness of achievable outcomes for foster care individuals. Her forthcoming book launch on September 10th, 2023, stands as a testament to her dedication. Interested individuals can follow her journey and initiatives on her website,

This is a Hy-Lo News Staff Report with edits made by Dericka James.

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