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Rapper Flo Rida Secures Over $82 Million in Lawsuit Against Celsius Energy Drinks

Hip-Hop artist Flo Rida is celebrating a major victory in a lawsuit against Celsius Energy Drinks!

A South Florida jury awarded the Miami native more than $82 million in a legal battle against the beverage company. Flo Rida was originally only seeking $30,000 in damages due to the company failing to uphold a 2014 contract upon becoming the company’s brand ambassador.

According to his legal team, Flo Rida should have received compensation in the form of stock options or a bonus. While the company assures the rapper had been compensated accordingly, Flo Rida’s team alleges neither form of compensation was given, despite the company achieving its sales goals in 2014 and 2016.

“In Flo’s mind this was always a Vitamin Water type of deal, he was signing on to 1 percent of the company of a multi-million dollar endorsement deal and was hardly getting paid anything for it,” John Uustal, Flo Rida’s lawyer, said.

Fortunately for the “Low” rapper, the jury voted in his favor. According to Forbes, “the jury found that Celsius breached its 2014 agreement with Flo Rida, and fraudulently concealed information relating to the breach.”

Congratulations to Flo Rida on his big win!

Video courtesy of NBC6


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