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Miami Carol City High School Plans to Body the ICARE Mail-In Ballot Challenge… Because Chiefs Are The Best!

Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from casting your vote this election. Voting by bail is the safest way to to do it. Head to to request your mail ballot. (Advertisement)

The best high school in all of the land, THE MIAMI CAROL CITY HIGH SCHOOL, is taking on the Inner City Alumni for Responsible Education (ICARE) Challenge to turn in the most mail-in ballots on October 24th.

As champions, who have won countless state championship titles and are the smartest Alumni and students in Dade County; we are no stranger to beating the competition. So, this mail-in ballot challenge will be no different.

On Saturday October 24th, 2020 at 11 a.m. alumni will gather their ballots and caravan from their respective schools to Miami-Dade College North Campus, 11380 NW 27th Ave, to drop off the collected ballots. ICARE said members of the alumni associations are allowed to collect and drop off ballots from friends, family and elderly as long as they are not tampered with.

So all Chiefs near and far let’s collect the most mail-in ballots and get the most people to the polls (socially distanced of course because that Rona ain’t playing with our ass).

The Chiefs are planning to body this challenge like we do everything else. As we mentioned in our Miami-Dade High School Superlatives story, the Chiefs are the best.

And if you haven’t figured it out by now this is a Chief owned and operated media company. So expect me to be biased af.

But in all seriousness and jokes aside, this is a great cause and a great way to make sure our votes are counted. This election is one of the most important of our lifetime and we want to make sure we are heard strongly at the polls.

The purpose of this challenge created by ICARE is to do just what I mentioned. Hy-Lo News reported on this challenge last week. Click here for all the details and learn more about ICARE’s dope cause. I’m doing my part and using my news platform to inform my community.

So fellow Chiefs reach out to your class representative as we do to organize ourselves for our illustrious Chief Hall picnic. Let’s show up and show out. Chief Pride all day even down to the voting booth. Chief Priiiiiiiiideeeedah!🧡🖤

Chiefs for more information or questions, post them in our Chief Hall alumni page.


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