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Hy-Lo News & Highly Unique SOFLO Partnership is Proof Black Companies Can Build Together

Pictured Left: Hy-Lo News Founder, Janey Tate. Pictured Right: President of Highly Unique SOFLO, Joseph Ellick.

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Rising media outlet Highly Unique and their South Florida brand is partnering with Hy-Lo News to feature community and entertainment stories from a millennial perspective on the Highly Unique SOFLO Newsroom Page. Hy-Lo News will feature each week, Highly Unique SOFLO’s “Building Your Legacy” podcast, that profiles young professionals and how they are building their legacy.

The partnership will allow both Black-Owned media companies to continue their missions to share the stories of Black community while also supporting and promoting each other’s companies.

“Joe and I have always admired each other’s work and over the years have confided in each other on professional and business matters,” said Janey Tate, founder and Editor-in Chief of Hy-Lo News. “When he approached me about partnering, I was all for it. I love the work he’s doing with Highly Unique SOFLO and their content is in alignment with Hy-Lo News’ mission. This will just enhance both of our reach.”

Hy-Lo News, which is short for hyper-local news, began in the Spring of 2015 as an alternative news source for Black communities in South Florida. Hy-Lo News, which is South Florida’s only news site dedicated to Urban Millennials, aims to inform Miami-Dade and Broward residents about who’s from their city, who’s doing cool and exciting things, and what’s happening where they live, work and play. Hy-Lo News tells the stories the mainstream media cannot and will not cover.

Established in 2018 by a group of creatives, Highly Unique SOFLO is an integrated broadcasting, publishing, and digital media company based in South Florida. The media outlet includes online Radio (HURSOFLO), Highly Unique Magazine, and digital content.

President of Highly Unique SOFLO, Joseph Ellick, is excited about the move and knows this is bigger than just a partnership. 

“Partnering with Hy-Lo News is bigger than the usual partnerships in media because of the dynamics and goal for both Janey Tate and me. We want to share black stories and voices in the community that doesn’t get heard while at the same time showing that people with the same mission can come together and make an impact,” said Ellick.

Tate, who’s one of South Florida’s top media professionals and has made Hy-Lo news one of South Florida’s leading news outlets, agrees with Ellick. She said, “I’m happy this partnership will show people in the Black media, especially here in South Florida, that it’s ok and it’s great to work together to help each other build. I’m secure enough in myself to share resources and so is Joe with Highly Unique.”

This is a Hy-Lo News Staff Report


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