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Vice President Harris Hosts Reception in D.C. Honoring the Contributions of Black Women Elected Officials

Black women often receive their flowers far too late, or sometimes never at all. But thanks to Vice President Harris and The National Organization of Black Elected Legislative (NOBEL) Women, these Black women elected officials were able to receive their flowers while they can still smell them.

On August 31st, VP Harris, along with Alabama State Rep. and NOBEL National President Juandalynn Givan and the Higher Heights Leadership Fund, hosted over 250 women at a first of its kind reception in the nation’s capital to honor the contributions of Black women elected officials across the country. With current events like Critical Race Theory and Florida’s Book Ban threatening to censor and erase certain parts of Black history as it pertains to public school education, Givan believes this event was needed more now than ever.

Vice President Kamala Harris and Alabama State Rep. Juandalynn Givan. Courtesy of Alabama Political Reporter

“We helped to build this country and to make this country what it is today,” said Givan at the reception, according to the Alabama Political Reporter. “And so moments like this matter because it lends a voice and just for that particular purpose if nothing else to say that these Black women leaders exist in this country. Not only that they exist in this country, but they exist with purpose, they exist with promise and they exist with power.”

Of the elected officials, familiar Florida faces like State Representatives Fentrice Driskell, Felicia Robinson and Ashley Gantt were also in attendance.

“What an overwhelming experience to meet Black women from all across the country serving their communities,” said Rep. Gantt in an Instagram post. “A truly special experience!”

Elected officials attending the reception in Washington D.C. Photo courtesy of Rep. Ashley Gantt

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