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Connecting People of Color in Tech, Art & Culture: Haitian-American Founder Shaina Silva Bridges the Divide with SHE BUILDS Future Festival

The 2023 #SHE_BUILDS Future Festival is set to be a game-changer for women entrepreneurs and creators worldwide. With a focus on digital transformation in business, technology, art, and culture to name a few, the dynamic #SHE_BUILDS Future Festival aims to serve as a platform to propel economic prosperity in communities of color across the globe on June 8-10th, 2023 in Miami, FL

“The #SHE_BUILDS Future Festival is more than just a conference: it’s a movement,” said SHE BUILDS Founder Shaina Silva in a press release. “By connecting individuals from different industries, sectors, and regions, the festival creates opportunities for participants to share their knowledge and expertise.”

The festival is creating a powerful network of change-makers who are working together to build a brighter future for their communities and their native countries, like Pharrell Williams’ Black Ambition, Kelly Montoya (Venture Miami – City of Miami– Head of Partnerships), Mia Talvera (Benefit Cosmetics Director, Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), Carmelle Cadet (Emtech– Founder & CEO), Peter Brooks (Paramount/ BET Media Group– Vice President of Growth Strategy) Mayola Charles (META– Lead, Social Impact Creator Partnerships), Wanda Tima (L’union Suite– Founder & CEO) and Sarah Gentillon (JP Morgan & Chase – VP, Digital Content Lead) to name a few.

“This meeting of the minds enables collaboration and enhanced perspective on solution design to complex challenges, which leads to more effective and sustainable development in underserved markets,” added Silva.

Through a series of cutting-edge conversations, thought-provoking panel discussions, pitch competition and inspiring keynote speeches, the festival will explore a variety of methods to catalyze small business growth, preserve cultural heritage, and leverage technology to create stronger bonds between people of African descent. 

About Shaina Silva

Shaïna Silva is an award-winning Entrepreneur and Innovation Architect. She is the Founder & CEO of S3 Ventures, a global innovation studio enabling organizations to remain competitive in the digital age.

In her years of building startup ecosystems in emerging markets across Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Shaina has worked alongside Government and Private sector to fuel industry focused transformation in Energy, Transport, Healthcare, Food & Ag, Education, and Finance. 

About She Builds Initiative

Founded in 2018 by award-winning Haitian-American entrepreneur, Shaïna Silva, the#SHE_BUILDS Global Initiative is a platform that exists to connect women entrepreneurs and creators  to global opportunities and value chains. Since its founding, #SHE_BUILDS has created a global leadership network that spans 30 cities across 4 continents, and over 7 different initiatives aimed at positioning women of color as leaders of the new economy. For more information, visit

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