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Hy-Lo News Founder, Janey Tate, Speaks on Erykah Badu Cutting Jazz in the Gardens Set Short

Erykah Badu at the 2023 Jazz in the Gardens festival. Photo Credit: Janey Tate, Hy-Lo News Publisher.

Chile they done ran my #ErykahBadu outta #JazzintheGardens. To be exact Erykah Badu cut her #JITG2023 set short after complaining about the performance equipment and lack of crowd participation.

She mentioned leaving early a couple of times during the show and complained about the monitor or sound being a problem. And the lack of crowd participation was so bad that Badu asked the crowd to come closer to the stage and stand up.

The lack of crowd energy in my opinion was due in part to the event staff who chastised and yelled at people who stood in the aisle. My guess is that was for safety reasons but that enforcement made Badu and other artists who performed all weekend complain about the crowd’s low energy.

The #Day2 crowd, including myself, was left stunned and screaming and begging for Erykah to come, which she never did. Some of the stadium staff were so rude and nasty that they even laughed and joked saying Erykah Badu could smell the crowd so she left.

Badu has performed at least three times at #JITG and has done a full show… What Badu did get a chance to perform was beautiful though. Check out our clip of it.

Watch Hy-Lo News Founder & Publisher, Janey Tate, speak live from JITG 2023 about what happened when her fav Erykah Badu cut her performance short and left the audience stunned and disappointed.


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