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12th Annual African Diaspora Dance and Drum Festival of Florida To Take Place in Lil Haiti

Miami will be graced with South Florida’s cultural art destination festival, Dance Africa Miami. Hosted by the African Diaspora Dance and Drum Festival of Florida (ADDDFF), the 12th annual festival takes place August 6- 8 at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex. 

This year’s theme of cultural rejuvenation is inspired by the need to “bridge cultural and communal gaps” and embrace educating others about the importance of diversity and multicultural arts throughout South Florida. 

Before the annual event became one of Miami’s best cultural experiences, Delou Africa Dance Ensemble (DADE) was established in 1987 by Njeri Plato. It has since become a means to bring awareness and great appreciation to the rich traditions of West Africa – through acts of artistic expression. Members of DADE had a desire to reach more individuals, which initiated the assembling of Delou Africa, Inc. The group believed there was a need to get a larger audience, and by creating a culture and art-infused festival, they knew they would be able to attract even more individuals from different walks of life. 

There is so much meaning to the annual destination festival, as it provides a way to both entertain and inform guests about the rich traditions of West Africa and the Caribbean.

Attendees can expect a fully immersive experience with African and Caribbean Dance workshops, Drum and Music Workshops, Yoga, a Free Children Village Dance Class, and Virtual Global Marketplace.

This year’s event will be no different. However, ADDDFF is taking it up a notch with renowned artists from Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Congo, Haiti, and Cuba to educate and entertain participants. 

“History has shown that Dance Africa Miami attendees, participants, locals, and tourists walk away from our festival feeling the presence and blessings of their ancestors,” said Njeri Plato, Executive Director for the Annual African Diaspora Dance and Drum Festival of Florida.

“The event is culturally energized and moved by the vibrations of movements and rhythms of Africa and its Diaspora.”

Along with Delou’s dedicated staff, Plato, members, volunteers, and artists join together as a festival committee task force approximately one year before the festival to ensure a successful multi-day festival. 

“Together, we work to maintain the vision of Delou to bridge cultural and communal gaps by preserving timeless traditions of West Africa through arts and education,” stated Plato. 

The energy of this year’s event will be no different, as musicians and artists prepare to inform and entertain both in-person and online. Attendees of all ages are guaranteed a fantastic experience during the festival through authentic dancing, drumming, music, folktales, and local shops filled with unique items, including a free children’s village dance class. 

Those interested in attending the three-day festival can purchase tickets ranging from $15 to $25 at For additional information on artist line-up, schedule, host hotel, vendors registration, and other important details, visit

This is a Hy-Lo News Staff Report. Article edited by Hy-Lo News Contributor Jane Payne.


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