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Cruising to More Coins: Bitcoin Rodney’s Mastermind Conference in Miami Teaches Entrepreneurs How to Earn More

Bitcoin is one of the many cryptocurrencies everyone is learning to use. Those who get an understanding of it usually become financially secure and even start a luxury lifestyle. Rodney Burton, or better known as Bitcoin Rodney, achieved that. After becoming successful in handling Bitcoin, he grew a following and helped others achieve success in it as well. Now he wants to help more people on a bigger scale. Burton organized The Bitcoin Rodney Mastermind conference, a one day conference where experts in taxes, real estate, and credit shared knowledge on how to level up on those topics.

“Everyone here is going to leave the conference with enough information to change their life. They are coming to an event to learn from individuals who already are doing what they are trying to do,” said Burton.

Bitcoin Rodney’s Mastermind Conference took place Saturday, July 31 on the Seafair Yacht in Downtown Miami. People from across the globe traveled to Miami to learn from Burton and his team. Attendees of the conference also enjoyed a musical performance from Rick Ross and Angela Yee hosted the event.

Rick Ross performs at Bitcoin Rodney Mastermind Conference in Miami. Photo Credit: Alex Simon Photography

“There are a lot of great ways to make money that’s out there that I have been learning myself. Cryptocurrency is an area I know I have to be more involved in and I thought this will be a great networking opportunity for me,” said Yee.

Burton got into Bitcoin after a very challenging time in his life. Burton was arrested and served a five-year sentence for selling drugs. He was released on August 4, 2010. Since then, he became focused and went all-in on Bitcoin. One of his biggest accomplishments was in 2017. He purchased a brand new $350,000 Lamborghini completely with Bitcoin.

“I furnished my house and bought my Lamborghini with 100 percent Bitcoin. People do not grasp that crypto has nothing solid behind it. No gold or silver backs up crypto, the only thing that backs it up is the supply and demand. The demand for crypto is high,” said Burton.

Burton enlisted the help of Dr. Tracy Timberlake, Lauren Marsicano Esq. and Pushman Mitch to share their wisdom and success stories with attendees. Dr. Timberlake is an Award-Winning Business Coach and Online influencer. At the conference, she spoke about the Money Mindset for Online Businesses. Marsicano is the founding partner of Marsicano + Leyva PLLC, a Miami-based boutique law firm. Marsicano discussed business law for entrepreneurs.

Dr. Tracy Timberlake speaks to crowd alongside Bitcoin Rodney at his Mastermind conference in Miami. Photo Credit: Alex Simon Photography

Pushman Mitch is an entrepreneur from Atlanta who mastered the skill of leveraging credit to start and run businesses from the ground up. He launched one of Atlanta’s best car rental businesses and he has a great understanding of financial literacy. Mitch achieved all of this at the age of 31.

“It took me six years to learn what I know now. All of us are more than capable of becoming what we want and having the options that we want in this life. It’s our job to get it,” said Mitch.

Pushman Mitch shared information about Money Making Assets and Investments. He went in-depth about how crucial credit is and it is the key to starting your S.Y.S.T.E.M. The rental car entrepreneur explains that this is an acronym that stands for Saving Your Time, Energy, and Money.

What’s next for Bitcoin Rodney is getting his followers ready for another conference scheduled for November. The Fall conference will have more material that attendees can apply to make money. Burton shares that there is a level of risk when dealing with Bitcoin. Yet he is confident in methods because he tested, failed with it, and improved it to where as long as you follow instructions, you can see success in Bitcoin.

“I have done well with Bitcoin. I have also failed more than most and went through what others won’t go through. I went through those bad patches and I can show anyone how to avoid them,” said Burton.

For more information on Bitcoin Rodney and his conferences click here.

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