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We Shuckin Restaurant To Host Grand Opening For New Pembroke Pines Location

This second location is part of the Company’s new expansion plan to open multiple restaurants, including a future Miami Gardens Dine-In location

We Shuckin, one of South Florida’s most popular restaurants, announces that it will open another location in Pembroke Pines, giving the local residents extended access to their delicious and unique menu. All invited guests have the opportunity to get the best taste of customer fave’s as well as other exclusive items found only on this new location’s menu. The festivities for the Grand Opening of We Shuckin Southern Eatery Pembroke Pines location begin Saturday, July 10th from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.

“For years people have been asking us and in some cases begging us to open a dine-in restaurant and here it is,” said Ernisha Randolph, owner, and Founder of We Shuckin Restaurants. “I’m so excited to bring this concept to life. Not only will this new Pembroke Pines location feature your favorite food selections that you’ve come to love at our Miami take-out restaurant, but it will have exclusive menu items that you’ll all love. We can’t wait for you to join us and our Grand opening will be the perfect preview for what you’ll expect when you dine with us.”

The oldies-themed eatery prides itself on its ability to take customers to the ’60s and ’70s when food was experienced and not just eaten. The subsidiary of Sweet Butter Hospitality Group Company, which is family owned and operated, will be open to the public starting July 10th and will include a drive-thru entry for the social distancers — giving everyone a chance to experience their mouth-watering menu items.

Photo Credit: We Shuckin Southern Eatery

Moreover, provisions are made for those who cannot make the grand opening as the location will run actively every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. So, anyone with a busy schedule this Saturday will still be able to join them at the new We Shuckin location when their schedule permits.

Everyone invited to the Grand Opening is welcome to enjoy some of the best Soul Food in town which includes their yummy grilled southern catfish, the highly sought-after Jivin Shrimp, and grits and wings. There will be no short supply of the tasty Geechee grits with the Cajun rice and shrimp pasta.

The restaurant will give out free gift tickets for everyone in the cousins’ text group that RSVP’d before June 25th. However, that won’t be a problem if you have not RSVP’d by that date, as the menu promises enough goodies even without the gifts. The Ribbon-cutting ceremony for VIP RSVPs will commence at 12 p.m. while the Public grand opening starts at 1 p.m.

To RSVP to attend click here and more information.

Restaurant Address: 8913 Taft Street, Pembroke Pines, Florida


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