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Coronavirus Got You Feelin’ Stuck Like Fvck? Reclaim Your Power In 5 Steps and Get Clear On Your Next Right Move

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I was recently in a coaching session with a 31-yr old single mom who thought she needed help launching a business, but what I quickly discovered was that what she really needed help with was getting unstuck. She explained that she had BIG plans for her life prior to COVID-19 and she’d courageously titled this part of her life Project Best Self. She was finally doing something she’d always wanted…starting her own business. In 2018, she decided to take the leap and start an organic skin care line for women of color. After taking all of 2019 to research, build and create, she was finally ready to launch in 2020 and then…(dah dah dah, dreary music plays), COVID hit!

She reached out to me because she’d become so ridden with fear, overwhelm and anxiety and didn’t know how to pick up the pieces and launch anyway. She saw people all around her launching businesses and trying new things. Every Monday she’d say I’m gonna jump back in, but Monday came and Monday went. After months of being stuck, she decided that Project Best Self needed some help. She needed help getting unstuck, out of her own way and back to feeling like her most powerful self, not just for her but for her children.

Life is a sport and things are going to come up in life that will throw us off of our game. We’ll have seasons where we’re unstoppable, but we’ll also have seasons when our game is really weak. There will also be those seasons where we’re just blah and no one even notices we’re still playing.

Just like my client, there’s a lot of folks feeling stuck these days and it’s understandable. The steps I’m going to share with you are just a few of the ways I help women get unstuck so they can stop screaming FVVVVCCKKK at the universe and take mindful steps to put life and business back into focus.


Taking mindless breaks puts space in between you and fear. Fear is the foundation of your stuckness. Going out with friends or binging your fav show is a commonly overlooked step in getting unstuck, decluttering your thoughts and increasing productivity. When taking a mindless break, be aware of fear based thoughts and worry creeping in. The best way to combat this is to be in the moment of whatever you’re doing and give your full joyful attention to it. Sounds cliche, but be present.


Before journeying into any fast I always ask my clients to check with their doctor or a medical professional who knows their medical history to be sure their body is capable of handling this. 

The type of foods we eat on a regular basis have a lot to do with how we feel. We are supposed to use food to fuel us and give us energy, however statistics still show that most of us eat food that has no life or nutritional value, so we’re basically walking around without the proper energy necessary to keep going. Fasting is a great way to give your mind, body and soul a much needed clean slate.


Food is a heavenly gateway to feeling good about yourself, so I recommend my clients take 2-3 days to binge on as many fruits, vegetables and plant-based foods as possible for a refresh of energy. I’m not talking about the way you look, just the way you feel. The moment you begin to feel better, you will do better. Even if you’re not vegan, you can find some amazing recipes at ILoveThickVegans.com.


Yoga is an ancient mind-body-soul practice combining physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation to bring one’s self into reality, reality being your true and most powerful self and not your current circumstances. The combination of postures and breathing techniques will help you bust up those energy blocks clouding your vision, energy and emotions and send signals to your brain about what you’re capable of.


People often think of meditation as a way to relax, but it’s actually a practice of focus and awareness. Meditation, simply put, is sitting in the silence. Sitting in the silence is actually a very hard thing for people to do. Why? Because we’re actually afraid of what we may discover our innermost thoughts are. Meditating when you feel stuck can help you get to the root thought causing the fear, anxiety and overwhelm. Taking time to hear yourself think beyond those surface thoughts of fear will do wonders for your mental-emotional state and your business. Wanna learn how to meditate? I got you covered, check out my course for beginners.

COVID-19 hit us all upside the head, but the truth is there will always be things to knock us down, it’s about how we get back up that matters. Remember this, where there is struggle, there is opportunity and everything passes. Taking time to develop a strong mind-body-soul connection will help you bounce-back triumphantly in this sport called life. Cheers to your bounce back!

Quadeera Teart is a Self-Development, Intuitive Brand & Meditation Coach for women and mom entrepreneurs ready to align, increase and attract more business, joy & abundance into their everyday lives. Sign up for her FREE 21-day meditation challenge to create a life you love here.

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