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We Discuss South Florida’s Growing Black Cycling Movement with Maurice Hanks & Webber Charles

We Discuss South Florida’s Growing Black Cycling Movement with the founder of “Break the Cycle” bike group, Maurice Hanks, and fellow member and cyclist, Webber Charles. The two explains why they ride, why people are joining them in large numbers and the health benefits.

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3 comments on “We Discuss South Florida’s Growing Black Cycling Movement with Maurice Hanks & Webber Charles

  1. Howdy, I came across the vlog ‘Florida’s Growing Black Cycling Movement’ by Janey Tate. What a great story. I wish more people would get off of their butts and hit the road bicycling instead of having a ‘couch potato’ lifestyle. Folks are choosing indoor inactivity over outdoor activity.

    There’s nothing like riding a bike is there? No matter how old or young you are….riding the neighborhood is just plane fun. Bicycling as an adult with other like minded people is fun and cool. I grew up being one of those kids who used to rid my bike everywhere around the neighborhood. You could probably guess my age if I told you that I even had a bike with a ‘banana’ seat. I road a bike in college, around Europe and still in my later years.

    It’s awefully hard to find someone who wants to bicycle ride with me. Seeing groups of people are getting to gether for the joy of riding is just amazing.

    *Somewhere we as a community and as a country have failed a lot of generations. I’m sorry for kids who don’t ride their bikes with friends just being kids, adults and young people choosing online activities instead of biking, or adults wanting to bicycle but, don’t feel safe to bike alone because of speeding cars or stupid people.

    The rest of the world is a bike community but, somehow America has become gamers, tweeters and instagrammers instead of having fun in the sun while riding a two wheeler…. ahem.. these days I opt for an awesome cherry red adult Schwinn trike with both front and back baskets and reflectors. I do get double looks and thumbs up when I hit the street or stop by my local 7Eleven for a lottery ticket and a slurpee.

    I hope one day that everyone, particularly kids, are able to feel safe and have fun by knowing the freedom of what bicycling brings to ones own self being. I thought the vlog on Hy-Lo with Maurice Hanks and Webber Charles was great. The video interview was most inspirational for particularly adults wanting to get back into bicycling. Kudos to Jane Tate.

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