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Like many other cancelled in person events this year, Miami Carnival goes virtual to still give their thousands of event goers an opportunity to have that Carnival party experience.

Miami Carnival’s virtual cultural expression is set to transport viewers into a world of innovation, creativity, and pure artistry.

The Miami Carnival cultural festival that takes place every Columbus Day weekend for the past 36 years has played a critical role in creating moments while sharing stories of the Caribbean and Carnival narrative, heritage, and culture. And Miami continues to create the perfect backdrop to this year’s platform as the event will pivot to a virtual platform.

“The Caribbean culture of South Florida is so rich and wonderful. We love that fact, that we can spotlight and celebrate a narrative such as Miami Carnival, allowing for the global community to join us virtually in this outward expression of culture,” said Joan Hinkson, Miami Broward Carnival Chair, in a statement.

Event organizers are aiming to create a viewing experience that will play out like you are watching a movie fused with a medley of Caribbean culture. The Miami Broward One Carnival Host committee will showcase this year’s Miami Carnival starting on Thursday, October 8, and running through Sunday, October 11, 2020.

Miami Carnival has left enduring memories for all, memories that have seared into people’s subconscious to become lasting life images. As a long-running staple of the Carnival tradition, the combination of pageantry, rhythmic storytelling, and creativity are hard draws to ignore. In-grained in the Carnival tradition since its roots in Trinidad, the Carnival has continued to thrive and evolved into a show that’s a treat for both participants and audiences alike.

The committee hopes that this year’s virtual presentation will prominently capture the vibrant heritage that makes the Miami Carnival brand resonate with so many people locally and globally.

The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau(GMCVB) is this year’s host sponsor. Connie Kinnard, Vice President of Multicultural Tourism & Development with the GMCVB said everyone is learning how to pivot and make what worked before still work but in a virtual format.

“We are excited that the Miami Carnival has also decided to move forward virtually this year,” said Kinnard. “The reach domestically and internationally to people interested in the Caribbean culture and performance arts showcased each year will still happen through social media channels and streaming opportunities. While the Miami Carnival energy is the in-person connection, this celebration of 36 years will be a great alternative. It will get everyone excited about coming back to Miami physically next year. We applaud the leadership of the Carnival for having the “Show Must Go On” attitude, and the GMCVB will continue partnering to showcase Miami’s Caribbean connection.”

You can view this year’s Miami Carnival on Facebook. For more information on Miami Carnival, visit or Instagram.

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