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Gay Black Men & Straight Black Men Have a Much Needed Conversation

Never before have I watched a civil conversation with Gay and Heterosexual Black men about the issues that divide them and how they can reconcile. So when I got an alert that Quentin “Funky Dineva” Lathem had posted a new Youtube video Wednesday about this topic, I knew I’d be drawn in and immediately stopped what I was doing to watch.

Although Lathem, reposted the video on his page, the conversation was spearheaded by Gee Smalls as a part of series that coincides with his new book, “Black Enough Man Enough: Embracing My Mixed Race and Fluid Sexuality.”

Episode two of series was titled “Brotha to Brotha” and featured host Gee Smalls, and panelists Earl Kornickey, Dr. Cleo Manago, Funky Dineva aka Quentin Latham, Radio veteran Frank Ski, and Herb M Van Dorn.

“The conversation gets deep and a lot of healing and understanding was brought forth,” said Lathem on his Youtube page.

I won’t spill any juicy parts, watch the full interview below for yourself.

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