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This Couple Turned Their Grief Into A Business to Comfort Others Experiencing Loss

Last July, Renita and Renard Roan experienced a loss that no new parents should. Halfway through Renita’s pregnancy she tragically lost their daughter, Kali Roan. A devastating lost like this would cause a couple to retreat; however, the Roans decided to heal by helping others. So at the start if this year, Renita and Renard creadted Mara’J Boutique that sells handcrafted memorial bracelets and bangles.

The business specializes in customization and engraving. Customers are able to design and engrave the names of their loved ones to help with their grieving process.

“Grieving is never easy, so I wanted to find a way to let others know that you are not alone during this difficult time,” said Renita.

She said their products were created to provide our customers comfort, to be a support tool for a family member, friend, or even a co-worker that has experienced a loss, and to be a symbol of remembrance for a loved one.

Renita said her upbringing has helped shaped who she is today as a business owner. Growing up, her parents would always tell her that whatever she decided to do in life, just make sure she was happy.

“Going into my senior year in high school we had the discussion on what I wanted to pursue as a career and why. I told them that I knew I wanted to help people and change the world, so I mentioned that I wanted to become a pharmacist. The next thing they asked me is a question I would never forget,” said Renita. Her parents asked her “Is that going to make you the Absolute Happiest?”

“I stated it would, but after my loss things shifted. I felt the need to help people in another way. I have always loved being a pharmacist and I take pride in my profession to this day, but I felt as if I had another calling,” she said.

Renita said making those memorial gifts for customers, she gets to hear their stories and their pain. They share with her what brings them joy and she uses it to create hope so that they know everything is going to be okay.

“When I am in my shop creating these gifts, it is at this moment that I am the Absolute Happiest,” said Renita.

Renita Roan, Owner of Mara’J Boutique. Photo Credit: Facebook.

To learn more about this emerging Black-owned business you can visit their website by clicking here or connect with them on Instagram.

Mara’J Boutique handcrafted memorial bracelets and bangles.

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