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Miami Native’s New Book Explores the Importance of Men Loving and Leading

Hy-Lo News Staff Report

What do men want when it comes to love, marriage, and family? While the answer to this question is often skewed to something more dubious, they want the same things as women. Men want to feel loved, cherished, and supported to name a few. However, the social construct of gender roles is overwhelmingly incongruent and saturated with relationship-ending conflict brought on by mounting expectations to meet unattainable standards. Many men struggle in relationships as they are challenged to meet the standards of a world that has already prescribed what manhood and masculinity ought to be.

In Author Adrian Carter’s new book, “Let’s Get Married & Do Everything Except Make It,” he aims to undo many of the misleading concepts used to historically prop up patriarchal beliefs by addressing the roles of religion, economics, politics, socialization, and the intrapersonal development of men and women.

He delves into why these social constructs play an important role in hampering the emotional and spiritual growth of men as husbands, fathers, and leaders. Using snapshots from his personal story of marriage, divorce, and fatherhood, he describes his book as a heart-to-heart discussion about loving, leading, conflict resolution, and uprooting the miseducation of men and masculinity to help you prepare to get married and make it last.

Carter is the founder of the EmpowerMEN Conference, a male empowerment initiative focused on conflict resolution, leadership development, and redefining the identity of men in the 21st century. He teaches interpersonal and organizational leadership in a way that resolves conflict by bridging the gap between persons and organizations using a multi-faceted leadership development tool known as The Ellison Model. As a doctoral candidate of Conflict Resolution Studies, Carter’s research focus is on the identity, emotion, and power of men, specifically examining race relations, gender roles, the education system and how they create interpersonal and organizational conflict among men and society.

“Let’s Get Married & Do Everything Except Make It” is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million. Click here to order now.

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