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I’m Tired of Wanting Justice; I Want Immediate Radical Change

By Janey Tate

Seeing what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis has broken me. I feel empty and numb, and I’m trying my best to not let complete apathy for the American Criminal Justice system set all the way in.

When murders of unarmed Black people take place, I try my hardest to hold in my tears. I usually try not to watch videos of Black people dying or pictures of their lifeless bodies laying in the streets. Those images haunt me, so I try my hardest to avoid them.

BUT these lovely images I couldn’t look away from. They’re amazingly done by Ariel Sinha, a brilliant artist from Chicago. Her captivating images are floating around social media and we all are in awe of her talent. But It’s something about seeing these beautiful pictures, these Beautiful faces contrasted with the thought of their horrible murders that have finally broken me this morning.

I couldn’t hold back the tears today no matter how hard I tried. And so, I’m not OK. I’m heartbroken and furious. And from what I’ve seen across social media and the news, Black people are not OK. In actuality, we have never truly been OK in this country, that refuses to face and reverse institutions built on systematic racism.

Please let this be crystal clear, racist America yall are on f*ckin notice. The protests in Minneapolis shows that. And I’m not mad AT ALL for what the Protesters are doing in that city. They are fed up, we all are. What would we should be doing in the Black community at this moment is teaming up to help the protesters with legal aide and protection because we saw how all the lead Protesters in Ferguson “mysteriously” died or were murdered. We don’t want that happening again. We also need to vote and demand equity and accountability from people who have taken oaths to protect us. Because at this point I don’t want justice anymore I want radical immediate change by any means necessary.

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