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New Podcast Gives Hilarious Insight on Being Nigerian American Men In Miami

Listening to the Shameless Goats Podcast is like being a fly on the wall when men are gathered to hang out and talk their shit among friends. Add the flair, swag and culture of being Nigerian and you have great mix for a podcast that’s worth listening to. This show does that and more, giving funny Nigerian Male insights to love, life, relationships and current events.

The Shameless Goats are a group of six lifelong friends who were born and raised in Miami. There names are Daniel, Mike, Kenneth, Tony, Peter and Michael. The co-hosts describe themselves as proudly Nigerian, and obviously American. After years of funny, serious, and intelligent conversations in their private group chat, the “Goats” decided to share their conversations on a public platform and their podcast was brought to life. With golden microphones, and cups of their favorite juice; the Goats discuss over topics including sex, mental health, quarantine, marriage, and more.

The show creators explained their name unique podcast show name, The Shameless Goats, came from a Nigerian saying used to ridicule someone they consider useless or foolish.

“It’s something you would hear a Nigerian call someone. Shameless refers to having no filter, or the lack of discretion,” said Co-host Peter about their name. “Considering we fashion ourselves as a humorous podcast; we wanted to give off a feeling of levity and humor. Nothing too serious or formal.”

During their 14th episode, The Shameless Goats podcast address social injustice. Americans are increasingly bombarded with stories of improper treatment of Black Americans by privileged white citizens and by police officers. With Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, Amy Cooper and her dog in New York, and George Floyd in Minneapolis; the Goats could not sit down without speaking up.

You can listen to the The Shameless Goats on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify and more. Connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

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