On a recent episode of the South Florida based podcast, Trappin Ain’t Dead, the show’s co-host and creator, James “Munch” Mungin sat down for an in depth interview with Francesca Menes of Community Strategies, LLC. The episode is so appropriately titled, “Together We Build, Not Bullshit.” The two discussed how we as Black people can fix the issues plaguing our communities and why we need to take the 2020 Census seriously. They also discussed their new QNA (Questions Need Answers) platform and workshop that took place on January 16th, which Munch and Francesca teamed up to work on to engage community. 

During the show Francesca broke it down in less than 60 seconds what goes on during the Florida Legislative session. 

“People don’t know that In Florida they only have 60 days to make decisions. Which sometimes — because of who the majority is right now– it’s actually a good thing that they only got 60 days,” she said. “We always say they only got 60 days to fuck things up. Because if they had more time than that only God knows where we’d be in Florida.”

She kept coming the real and pertinent statements.

“Every session we going in, they [Republicans] are arming teachers, they are putting guns in the classroom, they are taking the lottery money that’s supposed to go towards education and they are taking that money away,” she said. “They are taking away from the affordable housing trust…. they keep giving tax breaks to everybody so we are running out of money. They are dipping into the other trust funds that we have that’s supposed to go to affordable housing– it’s like the Republicans who are in control keep taking everything away.”

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