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New “Parent -Teacher Meeting” Exhibit Brings Awareness to Challenges of Educational System

What is Art without a purpose? What is community without Art? The Parent-Teacher Meeting Exhibit is an Art-ivist movement looking to creatively address some of the challenges our educational system faces today and how the aesthetic environment as a whole directly affects the development of our youth. As Creatives, it is our responsibility to uplift the Power of Art to shape community and highlight the value that participating in the Arts has with people of all ages and from all walks of life. 

Emerging local contemporary artist, A+ in conjunction with Hope Murals, a non-profit organization working primarily with kids and young adults inside juvenile detention centers in South Florida, have come together to create an experiential gallery walk that will take you back to school, engage you in the present, and inspire you to make changes for the future. Exhibit opens to the public January 24th, 2020 at 3pm.

This one-day event is scheduled to present its attendees with ‘panel style’ discussions:

(Panel  A: “Art and Youth Development”- 4pm to 5:30pm), with speakers who work in diverse professions from Mental Health to Education, share how the Arts has been critical to impacting the youth they serve.   

(Panel B: “Art is my Life” – 6:30-8pm), with speakers who currently work as Creatives, from Visual Artist, to Poets & Musicians, share how the Arts serves as their foundation for success in both their personal and professional development.

The exhibit will also feature work from a number of emerging local artists and highlights The Dropout Series, a mixed media collection by A+ which harnesses the power of art, uses creativity as a voice and aspires to show people of all ages that there are many paths to greatness. 

“We all know how the environment can play a major role in a child’s growth and development so my goal with this and future exhibits is to create a space, an opportunity and an experience for people to not only indulge in but also be inspired by,” said A+.

The Parent-Teacher Meeting Exhibit will take place at The Experiential District located in 360 NE 75th St. Miami, FL 33138 and will open doors to the public from 3pm to 12am. Music, Adult beverages and food will be available. A percentage of all proceeds will benefit Hope Murals.

Check out the exhibit’s video.

For more information visit and To donate to this cause click here.

Event Tickets:

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