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It’s All About SEX at the Upcoming SheDrops Event in Sunrise

Shedrop, an all-female discussion panel presents “Sex in the City.” The series, which was co-created by Felicia “Your Girl Fee” Martin, is a no holds barred conversation about sex and the truth and falacies around the subject. The event takes place August 25, 2019 at Gigi’s Music Cafe in Sunrise. Doors open at 6pm and the show starts at 7pm. The sexually charged conversation will be hosted by Martin and moderated by Shevvy Malibu.

We’ve seen firsthand that Martin A.K.A Your Girl Fee is a funny, honest and real person who brings that energy to the show when she’s hosting. She balances comedic timing with emotional empathy so perfectly that audience members feel super comfortable asking their questions in this safe she has curated. 

Hy-Lo News Editor-in-Chief and past Shedrops panelist, Janey Tate, caught up with Martin to discuss the upcoming SheDrops “Sex in the City” show, why this conversation about sex is needed and what people can expect when they attend one of ‘Your Girl Fee’s’ events. Get into it the convo below.

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Janey Tate: Tell me about why you’re hosting this event and why the topic for this SheDrops is sex?  

Felecia Martin: I used to host an all male panel called “Heavesdrop.” During that period I noticed that women were asking lots of questions about sex that the men were embarrassed to answer or did not answer well. I figured Shedrops, the all female version, would be a great place to finally have the conversation.

JT: What are you hoping people take away from the conversation on sex? 

FM: I definitely want women to know they are not alone with some of their sexual questions. I also want men to hear how women are way more open-minded and willing to do more with sexual exploration and what it takes to unlock that desire.

JT: How long have you been hosting SheDrops? Why did you start doing these events?

FM: Shedrops was created by me and Shavon Brown-Robinson of Bossy Magazine. Our first one was February 2016 and it featured Supa Cindy and Felisha Monet. When Heavesdrop officially ended, we decided to pursue Shedrops as a monthly conversation. We started doing these events because the demand called for it. Originally, we were recording the shows hoping to gain a big YouTube following. Instead, we gained a local, live and loyal audience. Between Heavesdrop and Shedrops, over 4,000 people have joined the conversation.

Center is Felicia Martin posing with past Shedrops panelists.

JT: Today people seem more open about talking about this once taboo subject. Do you agree, why or why not? 

FM: Social Media has shown people they are not alone in how they feel, so they are more willing to join the conversation. Having run heavesdrop successfully for five years has solidified us as curators of conversation And the creators of a safe space. With that being said, people say things at our shows that they wouldn’t say anywhere else. They feel that comfortable. It’s like talking with friends.

JT: What can people expect when they attend one of your events? 

FM: First thing, fun! And frankness. Our events always have an energetic vibe and the benefit of a phenomenal host and an articulate moderator. I never thought a live conversation show would be so attractive to people, but it is. The conversation was more necessary than either of us thought. Also, it’s a great place to meet people. We have two current couples that can thank our shows for placing them together.

JT: Will there be a panelist for this event? If so, who are they and what do you think they will bring to this conversation about sex?

FM: We have a one health professional. Dr. Katina Kennedy; one mental health professional, Cinnamon Key’;a polyamory and alternative lifestyle expert, Cilla Vee; a sex toy specialist and instructor, Ashlee Bodie; and an intimacy expert, Rebekah Mitchell.

What they bring to the conversation are answers, relevant answers instead of opinions. When the questions were posed to the men, you can tell they were a little taken aback and shy about speaking on the subject. This is why we wanted to make sure this panel was filled with folks who could speak about the subject comfortably and give the audience relevant answers.

(Pictures of Panelist and Moderator below)

JT: Who do you think should attend this event? Singles, couples, it’s complicated? Please explain why? 

FM: Everyone who has, having or will have sex. We are talking about the physical side, the mental and emotional side; the before during and after. Did you know spit is a ‘no-no’ as a lubricant? Actually makes things drier? I didn’t either. We’ve been doing it wrong all this time (LOL)…. Couples can use the show as foreplay (LOL). 

This is a conversation about sex that is sure to have social media buzzing. To attend the event you can still buy tickets at SHEDROPS2.EVENTBRITE.COM.

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