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Miami Carol City High School Consistently Raises Bar For What An Alumni Picnic Should Be

Helicopters dropping orange and black eggs filled with candy, a pop up club and lounge with its own DJ and cooling system, dozens of giant bounces houses for kids to play in, a VIP iHeartMedia tent and rows of perfectly decorated class tents with themes that ranged from Candy Land, to African Royalty all were on full display at the third annual Chief Hall Alumni Picnic. The picnic gained it’s name from a hallway at Carol City High school where many students met to socialize between classes. Chief Hall is also the name of the viral alumni Facebook page where former students reminisce on their days in high school, catch up and roast each other all in good fun (most of the time).

This year the MCC alumni association took things to a new level by incorporating many ways by getting creative in their fundraising efforts and by giving the Communtiy a free show from rapper Ball Greezy and appearance by Flo Rida, who is a Miami Carol City High school alumni himself.

The event has gained support from the city of Miami Gardens who helped sponsor the event the past two years and Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert always drops by the picnic to enjoy the festivities. Never taking himself too seriously, Gilbert broke out into his Omega Psi pHi moves to show the crowd how to really step.

More than 5000 people pilled into Dr. Lester Brown Park in Miami Gardens where the festivities took place. Although there were plenty of food vendors (Shout out to a 305 a Taste of Miami for sponsoring food at our Hy-Lo News tent); the Chief Alumni asked each graduating class who wanted to participate to donate food and items so they could provide free food for the Communtiy.

There were 2 incidents that could have stained the event, but Miami Gardens police department quickly defused those situations.

Overall, the event was a success and we hope they continue to grow and improve from here.


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