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L.I.F.E. Voter’s Guide Candidate Spotlight: Kevin N. Brown

We support the L.I.F.E. Collective’s Voters  Guide for Miami-Dade County



Most young adults Kevin Brown’s age are not thinking about being selfless, but Brown is the epitome of that. The millennial is a leader in every sense of the word and has given his community more than ten years of service through mentoring, coaching, personal training and volunteering at his church to work with senior citizens. Although, he’s new to politics, he’s not new to leadership in the community and for that very reason we are endorsing him for Council Seat 5 in Miami Gardens.

He has also worked extensively being a community organizer with PACT (People Acting for Community Together). Brown helped to organized all religious walks to address community issues and concerns including out of school suspension and how it related to crime and police relations. He organized community members, researched as well as presented specific policy changes recommendations to elected officials.

We have nothing bad against the incumbent, David Williams, but the community deserves more than science fairs and photo ops. Kevin Brown is the answer to progressive politics in Miami Gardens and follows closely to the progressive agenda of Mayor Oliver Gilbert.

He’s respectful, honorable and ethical and he’s the right man for the job. It’s great to see someone at the ripe age of 31 wanting to lead his community. Head to for full details of Brown’s platform and issues he address as concilman.

Remember to vote for Kevin N Brown for Miami Gardens Council Seat 5.  Election day is August 30, 2016; however, early voting runs now through  August 28th.



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Here’s a picture of the L.I.F.E Collective voting guide. L.I.F.E., which stands for Living in Freedom Everyday, is a group of black millennials and gen  x’ers in South Florida dedicated to improving the state of black people in this region through various endeavours. To learn more about this group visit their Facebook and Instagram  pages by searching “L.I.F.E Collective.”

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