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Why we’re endorsing Francesca Menes

She’s Miami born and raised and a walking example of super #blackGirlMagic! Francesca has been a heavy hitter in the community for a long time and has demanded justice and equality on various issues throughout the years. She’s also a born leader. She deserves to be elected to the Florida House of Representative or District 108. In fact, I’m surprised she’s waited this long to throw her hat in the political race because she’s been qualified to do this job in our opinion. We’ve been watching her for years maneuvering throughout the community working on various causes and we admire her tenacity. She’s a millennial and but nothing like the stereotype of the age group. She’s hard working, honest and a ball of energy– if you’ve ever met her then you know this to be true.

Let me break down the very impressive resume of Ms. Menes

Francesca has received numerous honors and recognitions, including:

  • 20 Under 40 Emerging Leaders in South Florida, The Miami Herald
  • 20 Under 40 Haitian-American Young Professionals, The Haitian-American Chamber Of Commerce of Florida
  • Angels on Adams Street”, Influence Magazine
  • Marie Claire Heureuse Leadership Award, FANM/ Haitian Women of Miami
  • Advocacy Award, Haitian Lawyers Association
  • Women of Influence Award, Association of Exchange & Development of Activities and Partnerships (AEDAP)
  • Unsung Hero Award, City of Miami Gardens Honoree
  • Kombit Kreyol International Women Celebration

Visit Francesca’s website for more information on this future State Representative and her plans for office (Yeah we’re speaking it into existence). She has no competition if you ask us.

Remember to vote for Francesca Menes– Democrat for House District 108 #StandWithFran.  Election day is August 30, 2016; however, early voting runs now through  August 28th.


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Here’s the L.I.F.E Collective voting guide. L.I.F.E., which stands for Living in Freedom Everyday, is a group of black millennials and gen -X’ers in South Florida dedicated to improving the state of black people in this region through various endeavors. To learn more about this group visit their Facebook and Instagram  pages by searching “L.I.F.E Collective.”

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