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Black People Don’t Spend With Their Own

So what the heck is the solution?

I’m here attending the Southern Christian Leadership Conference regional summit in Tuscaloosa, AL. (The organization was co founded by Martin Luther King Jr). Martin Luther King III is the keynote speaker and he did a great job on speaking on voter rights and current state of the black community.   He also spoke partially about the spending power of the black community which he reported is an estimated one trillion dollars (I’ll just take his word for it now). He gave a possible solution that maybe we, as black people, should spend our money with black businesses.  He quickly retorted that he’s not a segregationist and that he does not promote that, but said spending in our own communities can spark change.

MLK III,  I understand your points and I agree with you, but I would have loved a in dept solution to this economic problem. I’m sure given the widespread topics he had to speak on he couldn’t have done this, but it would have been nice.

However, I’ve been hearing this is an issue for years, but no one seems to have a tangible,  effective and efficient plan on how to solve this problem that’s in the black community.

I’m just tired of hearing speeches and sermons that point out problems and don’t offer a solution. So here’s my charge,  if you have any ideas on how to solve this economic problem in the black community contact me and I’ll do an Q&A story here on the blog. Hey, it might not be the full answer but at least it’s a start.

MLK 3 you had a good idea. And your fellow SCLC member and Miami chapter SCLC president said maybe churches should support and promote businesses at their church by saying “Let’s all go eat at sister so-and-so’s restaurant.” Hey, it’s a possible solution.

I don’t know the answer and this issues isn’t easy to solve over night. But to anyone else looking to point this issue out, please, please please DON’T! We get it and we understand we have a problem.  Now let’s work together to brainstorm to fix it.

*Literally felt moved during the event to blog. Don’t judge me lol*


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