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WATCH: Matthew Pigatt Speaks on Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce Black Business Month Events U Should Attend & Importance of Scaling Your Business

Matthew Pigatt joined Hy-Lo News Publisher, Janey Tate, on the recent episode of the Can We Talk Podcast to discuss the two Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce events geared to celebrate Black Business Month, the importance of scaling your business, and you can become a million-dollar business with learning how to take advantage of government contracts.

Pigatt is the Minority & Small Business Enterprise Manager for the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce and the organization have joined forces with the Miami-Dade Economic Advocacy Trust (MDEAT) to host these two events that will highlight people in the non-profit and for-profit sectors who have reached a million dollars in revenue.

Watch our full interview with Matthew Pigatt to learn more about the events and what the Miami-Dade Chamber has in the pipeline for local businesses.

More on the events:

August 15th event:

Black Business Month returned and Miami-Dade County is hosting a series of events and initiatives to celebrate, promote, and propel Black enterprises.

The “Elevating Communities Black Business Month Salute to Million-Dollar Non-Profits event shines a spotlight on the pivotal role black non-profits play in fostering community development, economic empowerment, and social change. The panel will feature visionary leaders and founders of nonprofits that have impressively scaled past the one-million-dollar mark. They will share their journeys, challenges, triumphs, and the innovative strategies they employed to build sustainable organizations that make a monumental impact in their communities. They will also recognize local non-profit leaders.

August 22nd Event:

In celebration of Black Business Month, this captivating event centers around the stories, strategies, and visions or black entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated the road to a million dollars and beyond.Our esteemed panelists, all trailblazing innovators from various industries, will share insights on how they broke barriers, created value, and established thriving businesses that not only generate profits but contribute positively to the community. We will also recognize local small business owners.


  • Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins, Miami-Dade County District 8


  • Jessica Modkins, Founder, Hip Rock Star Advertising
  • Glint Fulley, Franchisee, McDonald’s, and Realtor, Coldwell Banker
  • William Berry, President, Able Business Services
  • Ann McNeill, President, MCO Construction

For more information visit: Registration to attend events at:


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