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Recent Study Finds Miami to Be a Place Where People Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

New data compiled by Earlybird researchers indicates where people are getting the worst sleep in the United States.

The Earlybird blog, by premier sleep solutions company Amerisleep, recently released a listing of America’s most awake cities in a newly
published article, and Miami has made the list.

Amerisleep is the nation’s premier sleep solutions company and offers an award-winning line of luxurious adjustable mattresses at exceptional prices. People seeking a peaceful night’s sleep turn to Amerisleep for their American-made selection of mattresses, pillows, bed bases, and bedding. As part of their ongoing commitment to customers, Amerisleep’s Earlybird blog offers industry news, scientific research, and more to help people get the best sleep quality possible.

In a new blog post entitled “America’s Most Awake Cities”, the Earlybird staff compiled research using an ArcGIS study which analyzed levels of nighttime light and noise pollution from traffic and aviation in conjunction with available caffeine in these areas. Levels of caffeine were gauged using the Census Business Builder tool to look for the total number of businesses serving coffee plus the number of businesses serving coffee per 10,000 residents. All of these levels were compared and combined, and locations were scored and ranked based on the results of cities with 50,000 residents or more.

Based on populations with 200,000 residents or more, the country’s top 5 most awake cities include Miami, Florida; Washington, DC; New York City; Boston, Massachusetts; and Chicago, Illinois. When looking at populations of 50,000 residents of more, Earlybird researchers found that Paradise, Nevada, took the number one spot for most awake city. Paradise is adjacent to Las Vegas and is home to Harry Reid International Airport, making it a city that rarely sleeps.

Not only did Earlybird staff look at America’s most awake cities, but they also analyzed the available data to determine which of America’s cities are the least awake. America’s top 5 least awake cities overall with 200,000+ residents include Port St. Lucie, Florida; Moreno Valley, California; Chesapeake, Virginia; Santa Clarita, California; and Columbus, Georgia. All of these cities tend to have higher levels of natural darkness and fewer coffee shops, as well as less traffic and aviation noise. When it comes to cities with 50,000+ residents or more, the top 5 least awake cities ranked are Poinciana, Florida; Buckeye, Arizona; Maricopa, Arizona; El Dorado Hills, California; and North Port, Florida.

Last but not least, Earlybird researchers compiled their data into a demographic of the United States in which America’s most awake states are ranked by shades of blue. It appears that the East and West Coast are among the busiest, most awake areas in the country, with the central United States getting the best sleep overall.

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