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Black Business Spotlight: Mind Over Matter Allied Health Puts Customers Needs First With Mobile Physical Therapy Services

We love having the opportunity to introduce our audience to dope Black business owners in the South Florida market who are making a difference in the community.

Today we’d like to highlight Mind Over Matter (MOM) Allied Health @Momalliedhealth. This full service physical therapy company, founded by Miami native Joshua Smith, provides customers with innovative therapy programs based on treatment, rehabilitation methods, and health intervention services tailored to each specific patient’s physical and mental needs.

Smith said for the past five yeara his priority has been aiding others with reaching their true potential.
“My vision of Mind Over Matter has been to create an innovative therapy plan that fits each patients’ physical needs and abilities to maximize their potential. Through education and training, I aid in managing mental, physical, and social functions towards a work life balance.”

Smith is a certified healthcare and patient care professional who graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelors degree in Sports Administration. He has more than 3 years of experience in massage therapy, physical therapy, and mental health for clients and patients with diverse backgrounds and abilities, addressing mobility issues, recovery, and overall health gains.

Smith fostered his love for caring for people in need of physical therapy through caring for his mom. He said after work his mom, a then single mother of two, would have aches and pains. To help he he’d massage her legs and feet and after she’d be rejuvenated.

“It all began when I was six years old. My mother was a single parent at the time, and she would come home stressed from work so I would massage her. She would tell me that her body felt “great” afterwards and that this was a God-Given Gift and use it to heal others,” said Smith. “After she told me that, I started massaging my grandmother who was immobile sometimes. She stated that “I needed to massage her everyday”. Soon I was massaging other family members such as one of my uncles and stepfather every so often. They would also praise me about my gifted hands.”

After years of studying, internships and working for other physical therapy company, Smith decided in 2019 to launch his own company.

Today M.O.M. Allied Health has a team of licensed therapists that are industry experts in the Allied Health profession. Their clientele has grown many people in South Florida and NFL and NBA players, popular social media influencers, nationally know DJs and celebrities.

The company provides services that include Health Education, Strength Conditioning & Training, Injury Prevention, Recovery Services, Manual Therapy, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Percussion Therapy and Cupping Therapy.

Smith’s goals are to scale his company to have offices and agents accross the country helping people to recover from physical alignments properly. He gives thanks to God for his success.

“I pray to God when I succeed in my business that I will tell everyone that it was Him who guided me in accomplishing my success.”

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