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Black Couple Denied Service at Ole Ole Steakhouse on Miami Beach; Was Told They Were More Suitable For Burger King or McDonald’s

Recently Hy-Lo News was tagged in a post about a Black couple’s unfortunate experience at a Miami Beach restaurant where they said they were told they’d be more suitable at Burger King or McDonald’s.

Many Black people in South Florida have heard or experienced this type of treatment, particularly on the Beach. We thought many of the businesses had stopped this but this incident shows us that racism and discrimination goes away slowly.

Sheba Clark shared her experience on her Facebook page shortly after the incident happened. We have contacted the restaurant, but have not heard back from them. We’ll update this story as we get more info.

Below is a full repost of Clark’s account about what happened.

“On, Monday, 1/10/2022, I went to Ole Ole Steak house with someone on Lincoln Road on Miami Beach to have dinner. While waiting a long time to receive our food and drinks, we noticed people who weren’t of color, who came in long after us, had already received their food. We still decided to wait but eventually chose to leave. We got tired and when the waiter finally came back, we told him that we wanted the food to go. Then we decided that we were no longer interested in having the meals and that we would like the check to leave because even that took so long. He (their server) first said that was something we couldn’t do because the food was on its way. He then got very rude and so we asked to speak with the manager. When the manager came, he was also very hostile and rude. He said some extremely degrading things. When I got up to go and pay for our drinks and appetizers that we did have, he decided to ask me why did we not go to somewhere that was more suitable for us like McDonald’s or Burger King around the corner. This was in front of employees and customers and everyone acted as if nothing was happening. As I proceeded to leave, he said under his breath, “with yo black ass”. His name is Raul Leones. Please share this post to make people aware of the type of people who work in this establishment. “

Things like this should not go swept under the rug. If this is a place that doesn’t want to serve Black patrons then we need to take our dollars elsewhere.

As of now Clark has called the restaurant multiple times to report the incident and has been told the only person she can speak to is the manager she accused of saying these discriminatory things to her. Hy-Lo News family, please share any advice or tips on how she can reach the owner of this establishment.

Hy-Lo News is committed to sharing stories like these. If you have experienced anything like this in South Florida please send your news tips to or tag us @hylonews so we can feature it on our #RacismReport.


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