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Broward Chamber of Commerce President Makes Racist Comments About Ahmaud Arbery: “This kid was a Trouble Maker and Looking for Trouble”

Trials where unarmed black people are killed at the hands of police or rouge citizens will always bring out the racists in any comments section. These types of people look to place blame on the Black victims; however, you don’t expect leaders of your business community to contribute publicly to the racist and prejudice chatter.

But Broward Chamber of Commerce President, Lawrence Zolnowski, pretty much showed us he doesn’t give AF. He doesn’t seem to care that his virtual white hood is showing. On a public post on Facebook, Zolnowski said since Arbery didn’t call 911 when he was unfairly being chased by random white men, then he must have been up to no good. Thoughts like this have contributed to centuries of murders of innocent Black people, more so Black men, because many white people believe BS logic like this. I’d also like to note that Zolnowski is also the President of the Crypto Chamber of Commerce based in South Florida.

Zolnowski posted this career info to his LinkedIn profile.

A South Florida Black business leader and marketing pro, Michael Hall, clapped back at Zolnowski and challenged all his social media followers who were also FB friends with Zolnowski to reevaluate their connection to him.

“How about stop killing people that have done nothing to you. Y’all are more worried about property and buildings that can be replaced/insurance, I am more worried about human lives being lost, said Hall in a Facebook post calling out the racist remarks by Zolnowski. “I see about 35+ people I know, know this guy. Be aware of your surroundings because Larry surely thinks it was your fault since you were caught shoplifting as a kid you deserved to be shot in the middle of the road while jogging.”

Hy-Lo News did some digging and discovered that Zolnowski isn’t new to this but true to these racist and prejudice views of Black people and other people of color. In 2016, reports came out that he was using the Broward Chamber of Commerce page to make racist claims against President Obama and Muslims.

So Broward County, I ask you, is this your king? Is this the man you’ve chosen to lead your business community?

#HyLoPutThemOnBlast! If you have any tips or information about people who share racist and prejudice views who are from South Florida, then please email us at so we can properly put them on blast and help end racism and bigotry in our communities. People like this think they can hide in the shadows. It’s time we all ban together to eradicate this type of behavior.

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