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Founder of Lash Box By D’ar Shares Her Emotional Journey in Entrepreneurship; Celebrates 2 Years in Business

Dechelle Tisdale has always put empowering women first throughout her work in her career in the media industry, but she wanted to have more of an impact on the way women viewed themselves. After years of growing tired of trying to find affordable high quality lashes, Tisdale came up with the idea to create her own line. In 2019, Lash Box By D’ar was born and Tisdale was on a mission to make every woman feel beautiful one lash at a time.

“I grew tired of spending money on lashes that were declining in value, but going up in price. After constantly complaining about the lack of quality in Lashes, I stepped out on faith and created my own brand,” she said.

Tisdale says LashBox By D’ar are “Vip Lashes for a VIP girl.” The purpose behind the brand was inspired by the professional woman who’s always on the go, who has a social lifestyle and can transition from work to nightlife with high quality lashes in a matter of seconds.

3D Mink Lashes on Lash Box by D’ar Model.

“Diva’s are everywhere. We are business owners, executives, and hard working women, not just working 9 to 5’s anymore but most often, all hours of the day. We pride ourselves in feeling good and looking good,” Tisdale said. “No matter what kind of stress we may be under, we refuse to show defeat so we’ll push on tired, but looking like we don’t have a scratch on us. My lashes make women from all walks of life who may be tired, feel empowered.”

On November 22nd the company celebrated their 2nd year in business and Tisdale is honored that she’s made it this far when so many companies went out of business during the pandemic.

“I count this as a blessing to still be here, and not only are we still here but we are thriving and growing,” she said.

This year’s anniversary is near and dear to Tisdale’s heart because it honors her late friend Renee Kavanaugh. She launched the “The Renee Kavanaugh” Suitcase to honor the way her friend lived her life; which was big and full of Black Girl Magic.

“The Renee Kavanaugh Suitcase was inspired by my best friend, who passed away June 7, 2021 due to Covid. She had big dreams, she was loyal, she graduated with a 3.5 GPA with a degree in Economics, and her heart was even bigger,” said Tisdale.

Inside each Renee Kavanaugh Suitcase is two pair of 6D Mink Lashes and custom stainless steel tweezers for application.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to be featured in Hy-Lo News on my anniversary and to talk about my dear friend Renee Kavanaugh,” she said. “I hope that we will continue to make women all over the country feel beautiful with our lash brand.”

For more information on Lash Box by D’ar visit www.lashboxbydar.


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