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Brian Lee on Building a Successful Events Business and How He Became the King of R&B Parties

If Brian Lee had a theme song it would be “My Hood” by rap star Young Jeezy. No one embodies the meaning of “it’s understood, I do this for my hood” more than this Carol City native, who prides himself in creating memorable experiences for his community. What started out as a guys’ night out where he and a few friends would buy drinks for folks in the club, has now grown into B. Lee Entertainment– one of the premiere party and event promotion companies in Dade County.

It all began when Brian got a taste of event promotion when he decided to throw a big party for his birthday.

“I threw a 30th birthday party and it was so packed we got fined,” said Brian.

Back then Brian only used Facebook to promote events. For his first event, it was just $15 to get in and food and drinks were free the entire night. Two days before the event, Brian knew the party was going to be success because 175 tickets had been purchased, and the space only had a capacity for 200 people. At this time Block parties were getting dangerous, so Brian decided for the first time to test out a party at a reception hall. On the day of the event, Brian was on site from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. getting everything ready and people still were hitting him up for tickets. He sent his sister over an hour before the party started and she discovered the AC was not on. Brian raced over, fresh out of the shower, and handled the issue. There’s even a picture floating around of him getting dressed at that party. By 10 p.m. the AC hadn’t even chilled off the event space, but at least 75 people were already at the party and calling their friends to come through.

“I lost some money, but I learned a lot that night,” said Brian about his first official get down. From then on he’s always been better prepared.

Brian poses with event-goers at past R&B Only party.

This was the start of B. Lee Ent. His attendees wanted more events and he’s been showing up for them ever since. You may have heard of his popular R&B Only events that take place at Club Fate in Gulfstream Park, but the event and entertainment company does more than that. They work with celebrities to plan their private events, host events for businesses, and even work with local municipalities to plan events for residents. B. Lee Ent. has been the force behind events hosted by the Miami Dolphins, hosted the first Formula 1 Racing watch party at Hard Rock Stadium, and has worked with the city of Miami Gardens on various events.

Many people know Brian from his “R&B Only” events, but most don’t know he was originally against them.

“I wasn’t convinced,” he said about playing only R&B in a club in Miami.

It was his good friend and popular DJ, Bo Weezy, who told him it would be a hit. Bo Weezy even called Brian on FaceTime while he was deejaying a party to prove it. Brian said he watched for a while and though he couldn’t see much he heard the people singing the whole time. Luckily the club where he threw the parties was interested as well because they believed R&B music isn’t as aggressive as trap music and gangsta rap. After some sound issues at the first R&B only party, and a small crowd at the second event; Brian and his team have come up with the perfect formula to keep people jamming for five hours straight to R&B only that still works until this day.

Since 2012, Brian has also been giving back to his hometown of Miami Gardens through his annual back-to-school backpack drive and Christmas bike giveaways. He was inspired to give back to the community that raised him by watching ESPN specials and news specials during holiday time. Brian shared that the part he loves the most about what he does is giving back, which was instilled in him by his parents.

“It was really my father who inspired me. I always said nobody’s heart is as big as my dad’s. My mom was a helping hand, always making me go help the neighbors with yard work and things like that, but my dad was the giver,” said Brian.

Like many in the live events industry, the pandemic brought his in-person parties to a halt. His company went eight months with no income, so he decided to go virtual. Every Friday night during the height of the pandemic, B. Lee Ent. hosted virtual events on Facebook Live. Tens of Thousands tuned in every week, creating an anticipated virtual hangout and sense of togetherness that many needed. The Friday parties also gave his team of DJs a chance to display their talent while also making some money from Cash App tips. The virtual parties had so much success that they garnered partnerships and sponsorships with local businesses and elected officials.

The pandemic and quarantine taught Brian a lot about being able to pivot in business, but more so the importance of family and good health. His motto for the year 2020 was “happiness is everything” and “health is wealth.”

Although Brian is a force, he acknowledges that he’s nothing without his team, who’s been with him since the beginning.

“Shout out to my team,” said Brian, who believes in ‘going with the flow’ and credits having a team who believes that as well as the key to their success.

His team, led by his sister, Jenee Lee, and who he says is his #1 fan, has held him down and got him through it all. There’s also his “group chat crew.” He says they keep it blunt, brutal, and honest– helping him stay humble and at the top of his game. His support system also consists of the “3 Flaw Brothers,” his best friends who are more like brothers. They provide Brian a safe space to vent and be recharged. Lastly, the team that helps him produce his bookbag giveaways always reminds him that being philanthropic is always more important than taking from people.

Brian also credits his “social media family” for keeping him motivated and showered with positivity so that he can continue on his entrepreneurial journey. He said all together these great people keep B. Lee Ent. at the top of its game and ready to serve.

“We don’t dream about being the biggest, we dream about providing,” said Brian about the future of the organization with the event spaces reopening post quarantine.

A man who once dreamed of being a garbage man or going into criminal justice like the stars of his favorite TV show, the First 48; Brian has taken his destiny into his own hands and has turned a good time into a great business.

“Now it’s like I don’t plan because when you plan you get in your own way.”

Brian Lee, Owner of B. Lee Entertainment.

Before the school year kicks off, B. Lee Entertainment will be giving away 500 backpacks on August 22nd at Betty T. Ferguson Recreational Center in Miami Gardens. Hy-Lo News is a proud sponsor of this event. For more information on B. Lee Entertainment and its events follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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