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This Black Friday we wanted to make sure you knew some of our favorite places to shop and what sales they are having. They all have amazing deals and you’ll be getting great products and services. We co-sign all of our picks. Shopping with local Black businesses stimulates our economy on so many levels. Today and through Cyber Monday is your opportunity to shop with a purpose. I’m also super excited to team up with influencer Ernisha Randolph for this list. She shared some of her favs for the holiday season. Get into our combined list below.

-Janey Tate, Founder of Hy-Lo News

It’s that season — I’m dropping a few of my favorite things to buy from small businesses & young entrepreneurs who have the best quality products on the market! Some are even offering deals, BOGO, and other great sales and it’s all exclusively for my newsletter subscribers! Jump on it before it’s too late and they sell out! This fist half of the list features women and kid-owned businesses based in South Florida, who sell Nationally. So prepare to lavish your loved ones for the holidays with gifts they’ll love, all while fulfilling your social responsibility to small businesses.

— Ernisha Randolph, Founder of Sweet Butter Hospitality Group


Black Friday Sales Life of Black Owned South Florida Based Businesses

*Entries that mention Ernisha were written by her and republished here for Hy-Lo News.

Sherronda Daye and JD Craigman are the creative minds behind the Defense Tea product line. Birthed from the pandemic, the two teamed up to create teas that will boost your immune system that also taste great. (Janey’s Pick)

When I went through my health scare, my second phone call was to Juice Defined. If you’re like me, you detox in January from all of our horrible holiday eating & also to reset your mind, body, spirit for the new year. I have the perfect plan for us 🙂 Order individual fresh juices, juice packages, or the full healing Master Class and start detoxing in January with me! FREE delivery (Ernisha & Janey’s Pick)

Take advantage of our Black Friday sale. All Hy-Lo News Ads and Sponsorship Packages are 50% off now through Cyber Monday! With Hy-Lo News you’ll reach the largest demographic in the country, Millennials and the Black community, which is the group with the strongest buying power. You can purchase now and schedule your media buy later! {This is obviously Janey’s Pick :-)}

“I began promoting my business with HY-LO News, a blog targeting South Florida’s millennials before they nailed partnerships with big organizations like The New Tropic and more! Give a small business your love; the gift of business promotion. Sometimes every cent counts and for entrepreneurs, this is a well needed gift that we ALL would love!” — Ernisha shared this about Hy-Lo News on her list.

My Most Favorite thing this year! IT’S SWEET BUTTER BABY! Have you heard there’s a new Reality Show coming to a screen near you? Join the mailing list to be the 1st to get insider information & exclusives on release dates & more! This SmashRoom® original reality series is sure to be a family favorite. Follow the journey of an entrepreneurial family led by the starring couple A. and Ernisha Randolph as they build their Hospitality Empire. Will they be able to manage navigating Business & Family, or will sibling drama sink the whole ship? Click this image to join the first to watch the premiere of “It’s Sweet Butter Baby.”(Ernisha & Janey’s Pick)

With three locations in Liberty City, Miami Gardens and Palm Beach county, The COOL is planning to take over the clothing industry. Founded by Eric Wooden, the shop provides high quality apparel for men and women. (Janey’s Pick)

What were you doing at 18? This entrepreneur was creating organic face & body products that are better than anything on the market! She’s now launching Essential Radiance Aesthetics officially and boy am I happy to finally have more access to the good stuff. I’m buying for me, but you can buy the bundle as the perfect gift that will have them glowing! (Ernisha’s Pick)

For Roots Collective, their Friday’s are always BLACK, but it’s good to know they are offering a sale for this one. Their entire online store is having a sale. Founded by Isaiah Thomas and Danny Agnew, Roots Collective makes sure Black Beauty and culture is always on display with their designs. (Janey’s Pick)

Want to give the gift of stronger Singing & Performing skills? Celebrity Vocal Coach & Master Singer Jalisa Faye’s Find your Voice Performance Prep BUNDLE, includes the virtual course (2+ hours of teaching), the practice guide (a perfect print-out performance prep checklist), and a complementary workbook. Valued at $60 but will be half off – $30 from Black Friday to the end of Cyber Monday. (Ernisha & Janey’s Pick)

The BeLoved Box has a super cool line of body scrubs, soaps, candles and so much more. Founded by husband and wife duo, Danie and Stephan Spikes, the company has grown to be known nationally– doing business with fortune 100 companies like Facebook. (Janey’s Pick)

It’s BAKING SEASON! Spend quality time baking with loved ones near & far using The Candy Girls Bake It Yourself Cake Kits! These kits are loaded with all the baking tools you need to bake & decorate your homemade red velvet cake like a pro! Order a kit for you & have one shipped to a loved one, use the link in your box to schedule your virtual experience & live baking party! Perfect gift for loved ones. (Ernisha & Janey’s Pick)

Bella Sugar Beauty is a company that empowers you to become your own boss. They wholesale beauty products for anyone wanting to begin their very own beauty business. This company was started by kid-prenuers Bella and Sugar and their mom, ShaClinta Rollins. (Janey’s Pick)

This 8 year old kid-preneur joined a business launch challenge I created back in August while listening to her mom-preneur attend the live classes. She launched her business Mahogany’s Adventures in 30 days, and her products are so good that she sold out of her 1st pop-up event! Gift the kid in your life the stuff they love, by a kid, for kids! Let’s take ALL her Black Friday Inventory! (Ernisha & Janey’s Pick)

I absolutely adore Stash House Miami’s clothing. I discovered them by chance driving down 27th avenue and fell in love with their women’s apparel when I entered. This Black woman owned business has two locations, one in Miami and the in Broward county. (Janey’s Pick)

All biases aside, my favorite sauce of all time is Shuckin & Jivin Restaurant’s Jivin Sauce! It’s a little sweet, savory & has a hint of kick to it. Order in store or online & have it shipped to your front door. Order the holiday trio and give the gift of flavor this holiday season and enjoy FREE shipping. (Ernisha’s Pick, but Janey loves this sauce as well)

The Cannabis industry is growing rapidly and it’s only right Black entrepreneurs are included in the economic benefits since we were disproportionally victims of a criminal justice system that demonized the herb. Ann Marie Sorrell, founder of Cannabiziac, has created an ecosystem that supports people looking to join the cannabis industry. Become apart of the Cannabiziac Movement and join their global network to connect to education, training, networking, opportunities, funding resources and more. (Janey’s Pick)

While attending a women’s business conference, I heard Majesty Santiago, who’s also a Hy-Lo News contributor, speak on this taboo topic in a way that was clear & clean (if that makes any sense, lol. I’m sure other church girls can relate). Women were speaking of their experiences with this therapist and how some of them even overcame forms of anxieties that harmed their marital relationships. Who knew this existed and was needed? Though I personally don’t utilize the therapy service or product, my experience at that conference was enough to let me know it’s needed for some women to heal and help their relationships! Majesty Santiago is a Author, Therapist, and Sex Enthusiast with over 10 years of helping people elevate their sex life, through workshops, books, and one on one sessions. Click here to shop with Pandora’s Secrets. (Ernisha & Janey’s Pick)

Move over Claires! There’s a new accessory company in town. Girly Girl HAB specializes in handmade & custom pieces. Can you say EXCLUSIVE! Perfect stocking stuffer 50% off Flash Sale on All earrings- Black Friday & Cyber Monday only. (Ernisha’s Pick)

This 10 year old Makeup artist has her own line of lipglosses. My Lipgloss by London created this product with a mission to inspire kids everywhere to dream big, and be kind to each other. Order online to stuff stockings this holiday season and give every little girl the gift of a Best Friend! Click here to shop with My Lipgloss by London. (Ernisha & Janey’s Pick)

Lately I’ve been making a conscious effort to have healthier eating habits, so this week I’ll be shopping locally with Good 4 You Juice Co., a Miami Gardens-based company started by mother-and-daughter-duo Tamilla Mullings and Ms. Pearl. I ordered their six-pack of cold-pressed natural juices including cucumber juice, blueberry delight, and ginger aid. The Black-owned company has been in business for a few years and hopes to make their juices available nationwide soon. (Janey’s Pick)


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