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If you’re like me, you first learned of site, OnlyFans.com, once the pandemic hit — right when we all seemed to need a little entertaining and some distraction. It seemed like overnight people were flocking to this particular site for their fantasy and creative outlet. Where we once saw club flyers and ads for parties, they were quickly replaced with flyers and promotional clips to someones OnlyFans account to join their personal party. When I first visited the site, I mostly saw exotic dancers advertising. Taking their talents from the poles to their personal homes, still ready to entertain you, and without a doubt still have you tip them. Up and down my timeline, I saw OnlyFans. Whether it was promo, a tease video, someone making jokes about it or of course- someone bashing it; everyone was talking about OnlyFans. And like a moth drawn into the fire, I was sucked in and had to know more. I was curious. No, I was intrigued! I felt that if I could tie two of my favorite things together- staying home and making money- then I could WIN! So, my hunt began. 

The first thing I did was to go to the actual site and scroll around a bit. I saw what I call their “elite profiles” for pages celebrities and Instagram famous influencers had created. There were pages for Love and Hip Hop star, Erica Mena, and her husband ,Sarfaee, rapper Casanova, gymnast Erica Fontaine and even Hip-Hop superstar, Cardi B.  But I couldn’t access the content on their pages without subscribing. I then tried to search for someone that I’d seen who had been promoting their page on social media. Unfortunately, I had no luck pulling them up. I evenutally learned that on OnlyFans you can’t just search someone like you can on other social media sites. You have to go from their direct link that will take you to their page, unless of course you’re one of the featured profiles on the sire. So, I did the next best thing. I asked one of my perverted male friends that I knew would have an account and have subscribed to some people and sure enough, I was right. I was able to get a glance inside and see some of the content and how the actual site was designed. I spent all of five minutes scrolling the site before getting super excited and decided that I could do it too and I would be making an OnlyFans account. I was super excited to have a chance to have another outlet to express my sensual side and to also make some money doing it. For me, it was a no brainer. I am literally always nude while I’m home, so I figured I could just record myself doing normal things and throw it up. So I said to myself, “LET’S GO!”

Before I actually made my account, I did do a bit more research on the logistics of OnlyFans. I did a google search and found out that the now sex driven popular site has been around since 2016 and was designed as a content sharing platform that could work for many fields. If you have content to share and you want to monetize it, this may be the platform for you. I also searched YouTube and found a video that really helped me out. Check it out for yourself if you’re thinking of starting an OnlyFans and want some tips and tricks and experienced based information.

Screenshot of YouTube Video Majesty watched for research.

After checking the site from my friends account, Googling and going on YouTube, I was finally ready and excited to get started. But, what really got me super pumped was when my Queen Bey (Beyonce) mentioned starting an OnlyFans in the Savage Remix. I created my account and began promoting my new OnlyFans account on my IG and Facebook pages. I immediately started getting subscribers. My first day promoting, I got nearly 40 subscribers. It may not sound like a lot to you guys, but I was happy to have any. The days went on and I continued to promote and check my account for subscribers, and they were coming. Something I would advise to anyone who wants to start an OnlyFans page is to have content to post before making your account. I didn’t have any content and once the people were there- they DEMANDED pictures and videos. I tried posting an old video that I’d already shared to my social media pages and the response was pretty much:

I knew I needed new material — new exclusive material. I thought I would be able to get away with just living my nude life and posting random things, I had to think twice now. So, as the platform is designed similar to FaceBook with a “New Post” timeline section, messages, notifications etc, I made a post asking what they wanted to see. I received many messages with requests. So I decided to take some advice from the YouTube video I’d watched and use that day to record content. Different content in different outfits. And that’s what I did. I was able to fulfill just about all the requests since they asked for things such as twerk videos, me in boy shorts and such. But I knew to keep them and to gain more subscribers, I would need more creative content.

So, I went in! I went shopping for a few pieces with fishnet, baby oil, thongs and other items I knew would drive the men wild. I pulled out my trusty ring light, and lights, camera, action; I was litt! I teased my regular social media friends with snippets of the pictures below.

But the other stuff — the GOOD STUFF — is only available on my private OnlyFans account. That’s where you get a chance to have your fantasy with me, Majesty Santiago. I actually read and respond to messages — something I don’t do only my other social media pages. That’s where you get to make requests such as doing a sexy dance in lingerie, twerking to Cardi B, feet pics and videos, doing a demo of my Art of Fellatio class and busting it wide open from the back- which is where I draw the line.

I was happy to have subscribers and happy to fulfill their fantasies- to an extent. I even called a couple friends over to have some fun with me and the men really liked the videos and pics that came from it. I was twerking and oiling and dancing up a storm. I was dancing till I lost my breath. I ruined so many cute pieces with baby oil and I can’t count how many bloopers I had while filming ( lol). Some of the requests were way out of line and I even had to block a couple people. But that was expected since I was on there under the category of “sex work” or sexy etc. I would post teasers on my OnlyFans timeline and if they wanted the full unedited video or picture I would send it privately with a cost to unlock it. I see that is where you really make the big bucks. I feel like you shouldn’t be be like Bella Thorne’s trifling ass and lie about the content you’re charging for. If you don’t want to supply a request just simply say no. I had to deny many crazy outlandish requests and give alternative options.

I spent three active weeks on OnlyFans. Creating content, engaging with my subscribers and trying to balance all of that and my real life, and everything that goes on into it. For me, the constant content creating, engaging and promoting was too much and I ended up taking a little break that turned into a complete hiatus. It’s been about three months since I’ve shared new content. My once almost 500 subscribers turned into a mere 30 and dwindling. But I’m still getting deposits. I set my account to receive deposits monthly (I believe you can also choose weekly and bi-weekly payments) and as of September, I still received a deposit. It’s not nearly as much as my first deposit but as I recently checked my account- it won’t be the last either.

Overall I can say that if you’re a content creator and you have an audience built or if you have a nice following on social media, OnlyFans might work for you too. Why not get paid for the content you produce? I’m not talking about just “sex work” either. If you’re a teacher of any sort, you can create videos for your lessons and charge a fee to receive the videos in a private message all while still being able to engage with your audience on your timeline or news feed. If you’re a chef, you can pretty much do the same. There are many ways to create content and profit from it, we just have to know the outlets and how to use them. From my experience I can say OnlyFans is a very good one. I say take advantage. Speaking of, I think I may be headed back to my account soon. My schedule has become a bit more open, so I’m going to take my own advice and take advantage of OnlyFans.

Here are a few tips that I created for people wanting to make an OnlyFans account:

  • Create content before you make and promote your account so you can have material for your subscribers immediately.
  • Select specific days to create content! Don’t be like me and burn out trying to find time to create content all the time. Just know i.e. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my content creating days
  • On content creating days, create multiple types of content. Different looks, themes etc. Keep your audience engaged and wanting more
  • Utilize your message options and communicate with your subscribers in the messages
  • Don’t take a break and let it turn into a hiatus lol
  • Run subscription specials often. Also, don’t charge an arm and a leg for the subscription if you’re also going to charge for exclusive content (for “regular” people the average subscription price is $9.99-$12.99)
  • Have fun and enjoy the experience along with your audience

If you want to join me click here and get 50% off the subscription. I hope to see some new faces very soon ;-).

Majesty Santiago

This Op-Ed essay was written by Majesty Santiago, who is an author and certified sex therapist. To connect with Majesty, you can follow her on Social media on Instagram and Facebook or visit her website MajestySantiago.com.

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  1. Omg….. this was so helpful. Thank you so much I loved your tips. I was thinking about making an Only Fans but im not that good at organizing and time management but your tips really helped if I wouldn’t have read this article i would have been screaming around trying to make content that same day Lol. And your tips also helps if you just want to do YouTube as well.

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