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Opa-locka Advocate Breaks Down Why We Need to Complete the 2020 Census

Miami needs change so it is all of our duty to make sure we vote on Nov. 3rd! Connect with our partner Florida for All Education Fund to stay in the know about the upcoming #election. Head to for more information. (Advertisement)

This 2020 Census might be the most important in our lifetime. The funding that can be allocated to communities in need, can the difference between a thriving or dilapidated neighborhood. We sat down with La’Queasha Beard, Marketing & Community Outreach Coordinator for the Opa-locka Community Development Corporation (OLCDC), as she explained common misconceptions about the census and the OLCDC’s efforts to get the community to complete the 2020 Census.

*Please note that at the deadline line for the 2020 Census is Oct. 5th. At the time of our recording, the deadline was Sept. 30th.

It’s not too late to take your 2020 Census. Be sure to count every single person living in your household, including your grandparents, unborn children that’ll be born this year, and your cousins too. If they live there, make them count. Your information will be kept 100% confidential. Take the 2020 Census today. (Advertisement)


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