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Local Organization, Music Artists and NAACP Youth Council Team Up to Create Music Video Displaying Police Brutality and Corruption

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Hy-Lo News Staff Report

No one can deny Hip-Hop’s worldwide appeal across demographics, so it’s no surprise that DMPM Media Group saw it as a great vehicle to share the message of anti-police brutality. The music video titled “Breathe” shows various scenarios the Black community endures, many of which have been highlighted and amplified even more with the recent death of George Floyd.

DMPM Media Group and Move the Crowd Miami announced the release of much “Breathe” late last month. The riveting music video features and stars Sicksdot, an independent artist, designer, and middle school history teacher. Also featured in the music is the songstress, Ms. Ida Weston, whose melocid voice adds so much soul to the song’s hook.

The vision for this video and song was created in conjunction with the Miami-Dade NAACP Youth Council, who are also featured in the video. The project also highlights Javan Allison, a 9-year-old author and entrepreneur that has written multiple books on topics such as asthma awareness in the Black community and the impact of A.D.H.D.

“This project speaks to the ills of our society that continues to suffocate our community, and DMPM Media Group is committed to providing artists with a platform to speak truth to power for our youth.” said Paul V. Wilson, CEO of DMPM Media Group/Move the Crowd Miami and the director of the video.

The groups involved with creating is hoping their message impacts the community. They said “Breathe” was created for the community, by the community, and speaks directly to the community. Their message was amplified when “Breathe” was selected for placement on the VEVO “Black Lives Matter” playlist on YouTube. This playlist is a collection of videos that are designed to eliminate the negative connotations associated with the slogan.   

Check out the Breath Video below and share with us what moved you about the visuals. Support this group by following Move The Crowd Miami on Instagram and visit their website

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