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This year’s Juneteenth celebrations are going to have an even more special meaning because Black people, now more than ever, deserve a celebration just for us. We deserve joy and a holiday created to highlight our liberation in this country is a perfect time to turn up in name of the ancestors.

Juneteenth is celebrated because on June 19, 1865, the last slaves were finally given their freedom, even though slavery ended two years earlier in 1863 with the issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln. Maj. Gen Gordon Granger traveled to Galveston, Texas with the Union Army and read the slaves the federal order declaring their freedom. Juneteenth, which is the combination of the words June and nineteenth, is also known as Freedom Day and is the oldest US celebration of the ending of slavery.

According to, barbecuing and drinking strawberry soda are a part of the traditions to commemorate the day. Barbecuing is said to be a popular part of the Juneteenth activities because participants can share in the spirit and aromas that the ancestors would have experienced during their celebrations as newly emancipated slaves. Also according to Dann Woellert The Food Etymologist blog, Strawberry soda became a Juneteenth staple because of our roots in West Africa and for them red drinks mark a special occasion. Enslaved West Africans brought their “social punch” with them to America. In the early years, Juneteenth quickly grew from a small Texas holiday, to a nationwide celebration for African Americans.

South Florida is getting in on these festivities and many event organizers and community members have curated Juneteenth events for you to attend in person and virtually this weekend. Below is our list of all the events we discovered. Happy Juneteenth Hy-Lo Family.

Juneteenth Events

  1. Join us at our next big march this Friday at 3:00pm at Bubier Park to celebrate our continued journey to Defund the Police and celebrate Juneteenth. On June 19, 1865, Black communities in Texas finally received the news that they were free. Juneteenth is a day that honors Black freedom & Black resistance. Join us this Friday, June 19th @ 3PM to make our demands clear and celebrate black lives.

2. DRIVE-in Junteenth Celebration on Sunday June 21 from 5-9
This celebration will uplift the community while reminding them about the truths if our freedoms. We will be honoring our ancestors and celebrating our culture. Featuring black owned businesses vending merchandise. Live Entertainment of Poets , Singers, and African Dancers, Political Speakers, and a live DJ, all while social distancing in our cars!!! Not to be missed!! This one us truly for the culture!

3. Come Ride & Run with Kings and Queens! As we celebrate Juneteenth Weekend for a beautiful afternoon of Self Care and Fellowship! Saturday, June 20th at 5PM. Meeting location Markham Park. We will be riding the new river greenway trail. Bring good vibes, water and a mask! RSVPs are not required but suggested!

4. Red Rooster Overtown Grand Opening and Juneteenth Celebration.

5. Black Rolodex, Novasound and Tax Time Group community event with guest speaker Emmanuel George.

6. DJ Bo Weezy Juneteenth Kickoff Brunch in Boca Raton

7. 8:46 Justice Watch and Empowerment Rally

8. Roots Collective Black House Juneteenth BBQ Celebration

9. Black Kings Edition: Conversation on Mental Health

10. New Alkebulan Education & Village Life Fl Presents Juneteenth community event

11. Supporting the largest Black Owned Business in the heart of Wynwood, eating amazing food, and enjoying music while practicing social distancing, as the event will be held outside under the beautiful awnings. Get your tickets here:

12. City of Miami Gardens Juneteenth Bike Ride

13. Miss Juneteenth premiers on Video On Demand. To Order on Apple TV, Click here.

14. Juneteenth karaoke virtual event curated by University of Miami Black Law Students Association hosted by Brittany Frizzelle.

15. Locshotz Media is hosting a Juneteenth virtual events.

16. Locshotz Media is also hosting Juneteenth/ Father’s Day virtual brunch to elevate Black voices.

*17. Visit the Greater Miami Visitors and Convention & Visitors Bureau for their list of Juneteenth events which include the grand opening of Red Rooster in Overtown and the premier of the film “When Liberty Burns” about the 1980 McDuffie Riots in Miami. We were not provided flyers to post about these events, but you can click here to learn more.

Tips on How to Celebrate Juneteenth

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