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Two Millennials Are Schooling Us On Wine & Spirits Through ‘Black Somms’ Web Series

By Victoria Humphrey

So what’s a ‘Somm’ you ask? Well a Sommelier aka ‘Somm’ is a trained and knowledgeable wine expert who specializes in all aspects of wine service, as well as wine and food pairing. And with that in mind, the creators of the Black Somms birthed their new web series.

The brainchild of hosts Rhori Hayden and Rhynita Oxley, Black Somms is South Florida’s newest and only black-owned YouTube channel focusing on wine and spirits. They aim to diversify the industry and assist urban millennials in exploring their options when it comes to wine and spirits. The two millennials discuss the perfect wine to pair with the elusive and wildly popular Popeye’s Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich, to a journey through Caribbean Rums. The duo provides an on-trend approach to wine and spirits education that is perfect for all of you aspiring wine connoisseurs out there.

Black Somms web series hosts, Rhori Hayden and Rhynita Oxley.

“We all work in the industry and noticed a void in marketing targeting our community, especially wine”, said Ronald Henri, who oversees content development and production for the series.

Host Rhori thought a new voice was needed in the wine and spirits world– one that spoke to Black and Brown millennials.

“We looked at other wine blogs and felt they were too stuffy – we all share a love for wine and spirits and wanted to create a platform to share our passion, in an approachable way, with those in our community who want to start their own wine journey”, said Rhori. 

The show takes a cool and fun approach to wine and spirits. With shows titled “Death to Moscato” and “Don’t Spill My Yak! Intro Into the World of Cognacs,” viewers are sure to be entertained and informed.

To watch the latest episodes or binge watch Black Somms, visit their Youtube Channel.

You can stay up to date with the hosts and show by following them on Instagram and Facebook or email them at

Photo credit: Black Somms

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