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9 Black Owned South Florida Based Candle Co’s To Patronize This Year Instead of Bath & Body Works

It’s that time of year again where people lose their damn minds over candle sales and I’m a part of that group of people. I cannot wait to get some new fresh candle scents to fill my home with great aromas and most importantly for a great price. Last year in an effort to buy candles from Bath & Body Works during their annual sale, I realized instead I should support the many black owned candle companies here in South Florida and I wrote a story to share what I learned. The story garnered much attention and allowed me to share this platform with these emerging businesses. I saw they were just as compatible as meeting my candle needs as any big brand store.

So what started as a fluke has now morphed into our annual #HyLoNews Candle Co list where we let you all know about the Black Owned Candle Companies based here in South Florida. We took things a step further from last year and asked each company featured to give us details on any sales they are currently running. We also wanted to get this info to you before the BBW Annual sale so you have no excuses but to support these businesses, which this year includes some kid entrepreneurs.

In no particular order, dive into the 2019 list of Black Owned Candle Companies you should support instead of Bath & Body Works.

Lifestyle Candles LLC

Lifestyle Candles is offering 20% off all orders $50 or more until January 1, 2020. This company was founded by 11-year-old entrepreneur Christal Mitchell when she was just 10-years-old. Although she does not have a website yet, you can place orders by contacting her via her Instragram Page or by emailing

  • Social Media: IG: lifestylecandles_LLC
  • Website: Launching January 2020

Kenny’s Kandles

Kenny’s Kandles was started by 12-year-old entrepreneur Kenny Davis, who also gets business support from his twin brothers. Currently Kenny’s Kandles is offering a free on all orders of $50 or more, and when you buy 3 candles you get the 4th one free.

Bonaco Candles

Bonaco Candles is currently offering $10 off when you make a purchase of $35 or more. The company is owned by Sharonda A. Glover.

So Addictive Candles LLC

This company specializes in 100% hand-poured, homemade scented soy candles, scented wax melts, and car diffusers. The company is owned by Danielle.

Jazzy Collections by Shik 

This company offers weekly sales: Buy two 14OZ Candles, get one free; and a $25 Relaxation Basket which includes candles, choice of wine, and wine glasses. Jazzy Collections by Shik is owned by Rashika Toney.

Serenity Candles By Elle

For the past seven years, this company provides candles that are all natural and safe to use around your family and pets. Lara Peters is the owner of this candle company.

Soulful By C2

Soulful by C2 currently has a $8 Candle Sale to light up your home for the holiday. Shop their 9oz Soy Candles now. No discount code is needed the discount is accounted for during checkout. Soulful by C2 is owned by Charona Lott-Senior.

Moonflower Essentials

Moonflower Essentials is currently running a sale where they’re offering 20% off when you spend $50 or more. Also their Moonflower box set is on sale for $40. May Reign is the owner of Moonflower Essentials.

  • Social Media: IG: TheMoonFlowerCEO; FB: Moonflower Essentials
  • Website:

The Beloved Box

The Beloved Box is currently running a buy two get one free sale. Be sure to use the promo code CYBER during checkout. Danie Spikes is the owner of The Beloved Box.

  • Social Media: IG: Belovedbox; FB: The Beloved Box
  • Website:

Did we miss any South Florida based Candle Co’s that you like to purchase from? If so have them email us their name, business name, website, social media handles and info on any sale they’re having to We’ll add them to this list! Let’s continue to support our own and shop Black and shop local.

This article written by Janey Tate. Follow Hy-Lo News Editor-in-Chief on Twitter @Janey_TateFacebook and Instagram.  

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  1. Hello. I am an owner of a candle company. I’d like to add my business to this list if possible.

  2. Cool. There are instructions at the end of the article on how to do that

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