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Jamaican Millennials Hosted Synchronized Global Events to Boost Diaspora Engagement

The Global Jamaica Youth Group, which will soon be ratified as an official Council, hosted Jamaican Youth Linkup—synchronized millennial engagement events in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The events were organized as a follow up to the 8th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference in June, where the Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Council was endorsed. 

“We are redefining what it means to be a Jamaican millennial in the Diaspora, as more and more youth across the globe are becoming energized about engaging with their ancestral homeland. The aim of the event was to inform them about the opportunities that are available and how they can develop and move on their ideas,” said Tanesha Westcarr, Youth Ambassador and Leader on Jamaica’s Diaspora Advisory Board.

Senior Jamaican diplomats were present at all the Octiber 3rd events and pledged support for the movement. Jamaican Youth Linkup featured panel discussions that were moderated by Youth Leader, Simone Russell. Panelists include Professor Rain Jarrett, Youth Leader Amaya Lewis, Commissioner Colbourne, Consul General Oliver Mair, CEO of Blue Mahoe Capital Partners – David Mullings and Project Officer for Grace Kennedy – Crystal-Gayle Williams. Topics included how to leverage the power of the Diaspora, deepen cultural identity, become a Jamaican citizen, invest in Jamaica and start a business and network for personal and professional development.

Karri-Ann Lawrence, Communications Liaison – Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Group who is based in FL, USA asserted that “Tonight’s event reassured us how necessary the voice of the Jamaican Youth is right here in South Florida. We definitely connected and filled a knowledge gap among even first and second-generation Jamaican youth. We also opened the floor for major discussion on how we the youth can invest in Jamaica as well as how we can work together in building right here within our diaspora. Going forward as we continue to galvanize the youth, we want to turn our words into action as we contribute to Jamaica’s development both yard and abroad.”

Victoria Mutual Group was the global sponsor for all three regional events. Local partners, sponsors, and donors include; City of Miramar – Commissioner Yvette Colbourne, Consul General Oliver Mair, GraceKennedy, Ocho Rios Brand, Itchibabamiami-Whyiparty, Jerk Festival USA, Jamaican Women Of Florida, Mindful Mani, Noirbnb, Shak’s Hope and Smiley’s Voice Foundation.

For more information about GJDYC, Jamaican Link-Up Event and more, connect on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @GlobalJAYouth or email GlobalJAYouth@gmail.com.

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