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Women Business Owners Celebrated with “Brunch’n & Mind’n Our Business” Event in Overtown

The “I Am HER, SHE IS ME” collective culminated National Women’s Small Business Month with a brunch at the Overtown Performing Arts Center in Overtown. The event, titled Brunch’n & Mind’n Our Business, hosted a packed room full of South Florida’s female professionals and entrepreneurs, women gathered to eat, mingle, network and gather resources to complete 2019 strong.

Sherronda Daye, Visionary of “I Am HER, SHE Is Me” Collective opened the brunch with a transparent statement on what being in business looks like.

“It does not always look pretty. Doing the work requires work. This brunch was created for business minded women who are not afraid of taking risks, but may be a little exhausted since the start of 2019. We want you to know that you are not in business alone, call on your HER, your friend! It is important that we lift each other up together,“ said Daye.

Attendees left refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed with nuggets from speakers, Terisha Lee, Vivian Olodun, Ebene Natural Care Products, Shanika Ampuh and Suzette Speaks. The all female panel spoke about the importance of your purpose in your partnership, how to build trust back into your personal and professional relationships, setting intentions and having confidence in your decisions and in order to complete 2019 strong. They declared to event goers that they must discern, declare and decide. 

Brunch’n and Mind’n Our Business event Speakers.

Mixed into the brunch was a Dress For Success segment with Styling Purpose, a Miami-based wardrobe styling company, on how to shop in your closet and present the best version of yourself.

The brunch was sponsored in partnership with the Southeast Overtown/Park West Community Redevelopment Agency to support their vision of bringing business owners to the new Overtown Culture and Entertainment District. Attendees were filled with a triple dose of female power on and off the stage from the caterer, Sweet Jalane’s, decorator, Keaira Chantel Events, the DJ who mixed the tunes and The Whiskey Chick. All people mentioned are female owned and operated businesses and business owners.

Check out pictures from the event below. For more information on the organization “I am HER, She is Me” their Facebook and Instagram pages. To learn more about what’s happening in Overtown visit

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