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2019 BP Summit To Focus on Teaching Black Professionals How to Maximize Their Future Goals

This years Black Professionals Summit is all about maximizing your 2019 vision and conference founder Kenasha Paul has planned a packed conference with dope speakers that will help you reach your professional goals for 2019 and beyond.

This year some of the conference highlights will include appearances from speakers such as Erika Bennett the Global Head of Social & Influencer Marketing for YouTube Originals & TV, Kevin Stuckey thr Multicultural Marketing Executive at NETFLIX and Benoni Tagoe Head of Business development for Issa Rae Productions.

Not only will these national speakers grace attendance goers with their industry knowledge, The BP Summit will also host panels with some of South Florida’s best and brightest– a characteristic of the conference that sets it apart.

Paul, who also founded the Black Professionals Network, said this year they are bringing people from out of town and moving their shift to look at what’s working for black people in other markets and how that can be applied here.

“This year we’re looking at opportunities not here in Florida and how we can add that to the conversation. We’re looking at what are the opportunities that are viable in Miami and we are looking at 2020 and beyond. What things we can build here that will change the culture and landscape of the community. So this year we’re focus on streaming film and creating content,” said Paul. “It’s really a hyper-local conference when i think about the speakers we have  the content it’s all about how to be better and evolve yourself here in South Florida.”

Paul said her goal with conference is to make sure that Black people learn about the new emerging industries in technology. She said she read a report that black people are overly concentrated in jobs that won’t exist in five to ten years because of technology and automation.

“It’s really important that we are on top of these things. Let’s talk about it now,” said Paul.

“I feel as black black we can change culture by the things we embrace by the things that we put our attention to i think there is a lot we can cultivate. The next millionaires and billionaires are not going to be from hospitality or real-estate there going to be the people who invest in green tech and who invest in environmental issues and people who invest in virtual reality,” said Paul.

This year the conference will kick off on Thursday with a “Meet the Candidates” forum where people running for office on the state and county level will be able to introduce themselves and their platform to attendees. They will allow people to ask questions about the race.

Friday’s programming is all about Business and Saturday is about the holistic view on how to improve your career. Sunday the conference will wrap up with a social mixer and exhibition fair. 

Click here to learn more details on each day’s events and to purchase your tickets to attend.

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