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Stichiz Vs Bob Whyte and a Tale of ‘Assuming’ Gone Wrong

The South Florida Internets were all a buzz Wednesday when social media comedian and music artist, Bob Whyte, falsely accused 103.5 the Beat radio host, Stichiz of stealing his “ Creole Word of the Day” bit. The odd thing about all of this is: 1. He’s NOT the first person to do a “Word of the Day” social media video. 2. He never spoke with the radio host to actually ask her what her inspiration was for her video. Take a look below at both people’s “Word of the Day” videos.

The whole thing turned messy when he galvanized his social media fans to spam Stichiz’ social media pages to let her know that he and they knew she was a thief.

Sorry I couldn’t resist lol.

He went on to compare his situation to that of Tokyo Vanity and Young Thug, where she says he stole her idea from her “That’s my Best Friend” social media video and made a song out of it with no credit given to her. (SN: Legally protect your intellectual property Black creatives, but even then some things are hard to protect) . Stichiz is no Young Thug and Bob Whyte is far from Tokyo Vanity.

The comments turned accusatory and some were just plain rude AF.

However, Stichiz had her support, including social media comedian @SE_Joe, who’s been doing the “Creole Word of the Day” videos longer than Bob Whyte.

I personally reached out to Stichiz and she said she never had met nor heard of Bob Whyte before all of this and had the idea to do a “Word of the Day” video series back in 2017. However, she felt that she lacked the proper production and editing team to do it then. From my digging, the earliest “Word of the Day” video I can find from Bob Whyte is from Sept. 11, 2018 on Instagram.

His first video came out a whole year after Stichiz thought of doing this. But let’s just talk about the hundreds of People who have been doing this “Word of the Day” type of content for years. SeJoe could have said Bob Whyte was biting him had he gotten word of his videos. I’ve also seen many people who speak other languages do a “Word of the Day” bit. One included is Tu 94.9 radio host, K Marie. Stichiz actually credits K Marie for encouraging her to start the series.

Bob Whyte and his fans claim that Stichiz never responded to his messages to communicate with her. Below is one of the messages that Bob sent directly to Stichiz.

The saying goes you can, “You can catch more flies with honey.” And here is an example how this could have been handled differently. I think if Bob had respectfully reached out to Stichiz first then she would have responded. I think energizing his followers with negative false info made things worse and caused them to be disrespectful. Also he gave her less than 24 hours to respond, not taking in the fact that Stichiz was actually live on the air when he first posted his message on social media. I don’t think you can publicly shade someone and then expect them to jump because you want them to respond the way you want. That’s a selfish way to think. He and his fans used her none reply, as suspicion that she possible did steal his idea– never taking into that fact that she probably was preoccupied with actual paying work.

I was also disappointed to see a Black man and a fellow Haitain, be so quick to attack a Black woman without getting understanding first. Where’s the Unity? I mean May is Haitian Heritage month, but I digress. Bob just assumed something negative, justified it in his own head and then acted from the reality that he created. Had he just spoke to her first before going to social media, I know for a fact that Stichiz would have understood his gripe and she would have invited him to do a video with her. She actually has plans to do more videos with other local comedians and influencers, so for her it’s all about sharing her platform. Bob Whyte could have easily been someone she would have extended that to.

On another level I think Bob Whyte played this whole thing wrong. From my research, I saw that he’s an inspiring music artist. Ironically, Stichiz is too and is someone who would wholeheartedly understand his grind. It would have benefited him to use this situation to meet someone in the radio industry and so he can meet the people who work for 103.5 the Beat. Let me give yall some tea as someone who worked in that building. Stichiz and the other on air talent are on-air talent in at least 4 other major markets, and I’m sure it’s more than that. Papa Keith for example, is syndicated in 40 plus markets. The program director for 103.5 the Beat and the midday mixer during Stichiz’s show, DJ 33 1/3rd, is also on air mixing in 40 plus markets. Not saying that they would have put him on immediately in all those cities, but making the connections with those people would have not hurt him and his musical pursuits. I understand him being angry, but the people in his camp should have saw a bigger picture. And just on a human level, Stichiz didn’t deserve to be attacked and accused of stealing. Bob Whyte missed out on an opportunity to connect and build with a women that would have genuinely tried to help him the best way she could.

I wish we as Black people tried not to be so mean and reactionary to each other without getting a clear understanding. So many people hurt or attack others because they never take the time to get clarity. Assuming can be dangerous and hurtful. Hopefully one day Bob Whyte will apologize and the two can talk about this and eventually collab. After all of this the “Creole Word of the Day” should be “Assuming.”

Chime in the comments and tell us your views on this situation.

This opinion piece was written by Janey Tate, Editor-In-Chief for Hy-Lo News. You can follow her on Twitter @Janey_Tate.

The article was written by Janey Tate. Janey is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Hy-Lo News. She is also the CEO of Tate Media Enterprises, which produces this hyper-local blog. Follow Janey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @Janey_Tate.

11 comments on “Stichiz Vs Bob Whyte and a Tale of ‘Assuming’ Gone Wrong

  1. London Black

    This was such a one sided commentary.

    • Thank you for reading!. I mean we’re all entitled to our opinions. But please explain how this is one sided. Because I was more than fair… And one could say Bob’s take on this was one sided. I guess no one likes when the shoe is on the other foot. — Janey Tate

      • There was nothing fair about this piece. It was solely written to defend a friend and very obvious to that point. You did an entire article defending your friend position in the entire situation. You even went as far to make it a cultural issue and chauvinist bias which is a classic move when someone is attempting to sway an audience. You state the way he did it was wrong and disrespectful to a black Haitian women but fail to prove or present on ounce of evidence that shows that his intentions was of the accusations you presented. They both are entitled to their own opinion of the situation as everyone else is as well but when you use that sway the public like you did makes it obvious that the person that is being attacked here is him. You spoke highly of her but poorly of him since every positive that he had you combat that with a accolade of her’s where made it seems that she was superior. I have never read your blog before so I don’t know if you are male or female but you words does support females more so it’s seems that you are sympathizer of the feminist movement with a misunderstanding of its true meaning and think men are always against women and seeking to suppress them. I don’t know for sure but the time of your article presents this. I have a deep appreciate for the Haitian culture. I had never met an Haitian person nor knew anything about the culture until 7 years ago which is when I met Bob. I think that they both can eat out here and don’t need no more flames to this fire fans is one thing but when blogs and articles are being made bias people can turn this into something more. You are going support do that silence and not out loud and you want to write about then do unbias because this was clearly not it at all.

      • Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you’re entitled to feel how you want. I stated my opinion on this. And you and Bob and the rest of the fans ca. Dead all the “people think they better than” talk. It’s irrelevant to this convo. No one thinks that way but yall. It’s so funny you are defending Bob because clearly he’s your friend. And it’s kinda of sad that you guys are ok with him attacking her and making about but no one can give an opinion on what they saw happening on social media. I was literally tagged on his posts so that means Bob’s fans wanted me to see it and comment on it. Just because I saw it a different way yall want to change it to favor Bob? Nope, not going to happen. He’s welcome to do a story with me and that was offered to him directly a few times. But I chose to write a column on what I observed. Thank you for reading and commenting. That’s what this article was supposed to do… You enjoy the rest of your weekend Tyrone. — Janey Tate

  2. Jonathan A

    What do mean by the comment actual paying work? Sound like shade can clearify? Did u reach out to him to see why he did what he did? How you going crucify him for not talk her first before write something and then do the samething?

    • Thanks for Reading!… It was partly shady lol but it was also to explain that she was at work. Meaning she was being paid to do a job. Had she stopped in the middle of her show like Bob and his fans wanted her to that would have been taking away from her wallet. Surely you get that… And I didn’t crucify him. I explained what happened and gave an OPINION on it. Since you are ok with Bob giving an opinion you should be ok with me doing so as well. — Janey Tate

  3. I thought it was a fair assessment of the facts. Sometimes the facts lean in one direction and the Narrative maybe slanted in that direction as well. Similar to Gayle King’s interview of R Kelly. It is what it is…But to think someone owns something that clearly neither party has Trade rights or Copyright privileges is a bit crazy. No proprietary ownership by either party so that best talent with the best platform wins. Besides, it’s for the edification of Haitian who cares! Haitians, Blacks, Jamaicans, etc
    ..we can be our own worst Enemy! PR advice..this comes off as cheesy publicity seeking. I would advise of another strategy and surely would have attempted to reach out to use her platform.and network to further advance his reach. #ThatWasForFREE

    • Thank you for reading. I totally appreciate your advice. I hope that they are reading and taking notes. This whole notion of “stealinh” in the digital age is laughable. Literally there are no original ideas. This blog isn’t orginal. Success come from how you mentioned in your comment. — Janey Tate

  4. You reached out to Stichiz and gave her an “excuse.” Waiting on the part where you reach out to Bob. Asked him why he felt he’s the creator. You’re basically stating all through this that he’s “burning bridging” by not reaching out to her. Considering everyone doesn’t have to talk a “cookie cutter path” that’s laughable. The entire piece was shade and giving her clout cause she’s “popular on the radio.”

    • Thank you for reading… Please refer to my reply to the other readers who felt the way you did. There’s not much different I’d say as a reply to you. — Janey Tate

    • Oh btw I’ve reached out to Bob multiple times to share his story. No reply back from him… This all seems ironically familiar to what he did to Stichiz… However tell him my platform is here when he wants to use it.– Janey Tate

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