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Small Business Spotlight: Hair by Lashaunda Dean-Lawrence

Getting your hair ‘done’ as a black woman is dang near a spiritual ritual and finding the perfect stylist is almost as important as finding the right career path or mate or baby name. Yes, it’s that serious.

That importance is why South Miami-Dade hair-stylist Lashaunda Dean-Lawrence takes her role of being the “curator of cute” for her clients very seriously. She goes out of her way to make sure her clients are comfortable and overly satisfied with her services.

“I make sure that I only have one client at my place at a time to make sure the women feel secure showing their natural hair that might be a state that they don’t want others to see,” she said.  “For example, if they have bald spots due to Alopecia, I want them to feel OK when they are in my hands and not be in a place full of women staring at them.”

Being on time is also a must for Lashaunda. She said for too long stylists have had poor time management and overly booked clients, which can leave some clients waiting upwards of 3 hours to be seen by a stylist.

“I take people’s time seriously. If I’m booked for the day, then I’m booked, I won’t squeeze people in and make them wait hours. That’s unprofessional to me,” said Lashaunda.

It’s this extra care and attention to detail that sets Lashaunda apart from others according to the client reviews on her popular Facebook page, where she primarily books her business. She specializes in lace wigs installs and sew-in extensions. Hair care is important to her as well and she says she uses the best products to ensure her client’s natural hair is protected under the extensions or wigs.

Lashunda studied at Beauty Schools of America and hopes to continue to grow her customer base. She says the best part of her job is talking to her clients and seeing the look on their faces when she is finished styling their hair.

“I can honestly say when I see the look on my client’s faces when I’m done gives me so much joy to see that they are happy. I can literally feel their energy change and their confidence go up after I style their hair,” said Lashaunda. “I think that’s a special gift to have. I love being able to play a role in giving a woman that extra boost of confidence to go out into the world.”

Look at some of Lashaunda’s work below. To book an appointment with the stylist, click here.

8 comments on “Small Business Spotlight: Hair by Lashaunda Dean-Lawrence

  1. Such a beautiful person! She makes every client feels as if she is apart of the family. Lashaunda takes pride in her work and always makes sure you leave with a smile. I recommend her services to anyone who wants to leave looking good and wanting to meet the last few genuine people left.

  2. Lashaunda is absolutely the best hairstylist I’ve encountered,not only does she slay your hair to the gawds she’s very professional and takes her time,I started going to her in late 2015 after my sister recommended her since then I haven’t been to anyone else,I knew from our first encounter I would be a longtime client.

    • That’s awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your experience…. She was a pleasure to meet and interview. I can tell that energy transfers to her clients

  3. Abie Sinclair

    Lashunda’s customer service is the best I’ve ever had. She is so professional and might i add such a beautiful and kind person. She lifts your spirit and makes you feel like Beyonce when you walk out of there. She just a amazing hairstylist!

  4. Thank you for sharing ❤🙌🏾

  5. She has a heart of pure gold… once you leave her chair you’ll feel like you’ve just met a new best friend who’s capable of a mean slay!! I love her so much and she’s so fun while you’re getting your hair done!!

  6. I have personally sat in her chair and watched her grow…. Her work, energy is a unbelievable experience but it is real. I sat in that very same chair, looked at a picture she had taken/mirror and didn’t recognize who I was and cried. She had no idea but when I did leave she changed my life. I pray that everyone she touches be blessed and she receive her blessing 10 fold…..

  7. This is my sister and she treats me
    Just like a client she handles her business and does a great job from beginning to end and we turn up and have fun afterward gotta love her personality. Best slay you will
    Get at a affordable price Hair coming out your scalp.

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