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Eight Annoying Things Miami People Do on Social Media

This list really applies to all of Black South Florida. Here’s the list in no particular order:

1. Talk about issues in the Black Community on their page, but don’t fuckin vote! (Seriously, please go register to vote).

2. Post statuses that they copied from someone else and act like it’s their original thought. (We tired of seeing the same status 10 times on our timeline).

3. Talk about people but won’t “@” them, or better yet you blocked them so they can’t even read what you’re venting about. (You’re literally talking to yourself and no one really gives a damn.)

4. Post their problems Every– Single–Day!.. (Just go get a second job or seek prayer or fix your Karma. Seems like you got bad luck).

5. Post selfies where their face is uncomfortably close to the camera. (This is for everyone age 45 plus).

6. Use their business pages for other things than to promote their business. (Why are you telling your customers that your 7-year-old son just got a C+ on his report card and he’s a little genius?)

7. Debate the subject in the comments of an article that they haven’t even read! (You don’t even know what or why you’re debating. You just want to be a troll at this point).

8. Share a social media account with their significant other. (Yall clearly got trust issues or attachment issues or both).

Chime in the comments and tell us some of your pet peeves about social media.

4 comments on “Eight Annoying Things Miami People Do on Social Media

  1. Number 1 is my biggest pet peeve!!! When I was growing up, my mother never missed a chance to vote. I get sick and tired of people saying “I don’t believe in politics”, but are quick to point out issues in the Black community. Our ancestors did not fight for our freedom for those people to have that mentality.

  2. Adam Robinson

    Number 2 is my biggest pet peeve.. that shit annoying af… STOP STEALING PERSONALITY!

  3. You’re right. That’s awesome what your mom does because action speaks louder than words.

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