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5 Things You Can Do When You’re Overwhelmed So You Don’t Get Your A** Cursed Out

We’ve all been there when work has become too much. You’re at the edge and you’re overwhelmed and the next request someone asks of you will make you scream to the top of your lugs. But like all emotional reactions, going off and on random unsuspecting people will get you cursed the f*ck out. Especially by us Miamians. We tend to be pretty chill people because we live where people vacation, but don’t test that chill. Especially you overwhelmed with work people.

We’ve noticed that many people suffer from “I’m overwhelmed so I’m gonna be a b*tch” syndrome, so below are five tips we’ve compiled to help you and us when you’re overwhelmed with whatever has you on edge.

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1. Take a deep breathe before responding.

This sounds so simple, yet it can make a huge difference in your temperament. Many people forget to pause before they speak and think before they react. This is especially true when you’re overwhelmed. Try it right now. Take a deep breath (make sure your breath ain’t stank because this can cause all kinds of other issues). Also, take a breathe and re-read that email or text as well before you hit send. That causes issue too because tone of voice is perceived by the reader. That can go so wrong, especially in a work situation.

2. Simply let the person know you’re overwhelmed.

Many people keep things to themselves especially when work has become more than they can tolerate. Letting people know that up front in a respectful way will help that person to understand your state of mind. Most people will leave you the hell alone or will try to help you work through your issues. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. You’ll be surprise how understanding people can be because we all can relate to being stressed from work. No one however, will put up with you snapping on them.

3. Seek professional help.

I’m loving how much Black people have grown to accept therapy and respect mental health professionals as necessary and not taboo. I remember old Black folk saying, “You don’t need to pay nobody to tell your problems to. All you need to do is pray and Jesus will fix it.” Or even worse I remember them calling someone “crazy” because they wanted to seek professional help. That has stopped many people from going to mental health professionals. And yes spiritually can help a great deal but praying to Jesus, Allah, the Moon, a rock or whatever deity you believe in alone doesn’t fix all mental help problems. Being overwhelmed, especially consistently can be a sign of a greater issue. Speaking to someone who is a trained mental health professional can help you figure out your triggers that make you overwhelmed. Investing in your mental health is the best money you can spend.

4. Get to the root of what’s overwhelming you and fix it asap.

Sometimes people don’t even know why they are overwhelmed from work. In that case see tip 4. But if you know that every time you work with a certain co-worker or if a certain task gives you anxiety, then change that. Maybe you take on too much work or you don’t know how to say no to people. Don’t keep doing that. Figure a way out of it. You know already how it makes you feel. Be more conscience and respect your mental peace enough to not do the work that bother you deeply. And if your all of your job duties make you feel this way, go visit indeed.com and seek new employment boo.

5. Get the f*ck out my face with the ‘tude (attitude).

Don’t be near me if you can’t control your reactions when you’re overwhelmed. I don’t know what’s bothering you and after you snap, I damn sure don’t care anymore. At that point I’m going to pull on the power of every Black woman who has ever walked this earth and give you all the attitude and shade and read your ass for filth. And all of this can be avoided if you would have just stayed away from me until you worked through being overwhelmed. Sorry, but I’ll have to get your ass together because you can’t do it yourself. I’m helping 🙂

Here’s the things you need to understand, we (the people who can’t read your mind– Avant lied!) don’t know what’s bothering you. We don’t know that you’ve been up all night doing a report or that you haven’t had a day off in 15 weeks. It’s up to you as an adult to use your words and communicate what’s overwhelming you. If you don’t take these tips, unfortunately you might run into someone who’ll be the recipient of your rude response and at that point you’ll deserve the cursing out that’s sure to come your way.

Seriously, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with life and are seeking professional help in the South Florida area please seek it. Email us at hylonews@gmail.com if you need help finding someone locally.

*Article written By Janéy Tate. You can follow her on Twitter @Janey_Tate*

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