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Events & Galleries to Visit During Soul Basel (Art Basel) Weekend

Soul Basel 2017 Pic

Are you looking for the cool, funky, soulful and apologetically Black Art exhibits and events happening this Art Soul Basel weekend? We know you answered “Yes, Billy D! Yes!” (Martin Show Reference). And for that reason we wanted to point you in the right direction.

And chill out, we know that Overtown has coined their events “Soul Basel,” but the term is so cool to us that we are calling everything and everybody black (Issa Rae Voice) that’s happening to celebrate Art Basel. It’s “Soul Basel” because Black People have so much Soul.

There will be dozens of Black artists showing their work, there will be work celebrating the African diaspora and their will be the best parties and receptions featuring the movers and shakers of Black South Florida.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we suggest you check out Melissa Hunter Davis’ full list of events on Sugarcane Magazine where she breaks down the hottest Soul Basel/ Black Basel events to attend.

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