What did I really think of the “Moment of Truth” stage play? (Review)

By Janey Tate (Hylonews@gmail.com)

I knew some of lines would be funny and I knew the play would be entertaining, but I had no idea how much talent Moses Washington possessed as a writer.

I recently went to see the “Moment of Truth” stage play at the new Lauderhill Performing Arts Center. Although I didn’t care for their parking set-up (I don’t like pop-up parking fees lol), the facility was really nice.

Bernie Mac Funny - Nice... REAL nice

Washington’s play was the first performance the center put on and they did not let down. The turn out was well– selling more than 800 tickets at the 1200 seat theater. And the attendees came with it in there “it’s South Florida but it’s cold so I’m going to put on this nice coat I get to wear once a year” fashions (Well that was mainly me, but hey it was 50 degrees outside in MIAMI!). I was super impressed by the crowd and attendance. Get into the pictures below.

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A lot of the who’s who of South Florida attended, including Broward Commissioner Dale Holness, Miami Gardens councilman David Williams, candidate Mae Smith, as well as legendary Miami Carol City High School football coach, Walt Frazier. (Coach Frazier still looks the same too. Much respect for him.) And it was especially good seeing Mr. Wilson from Myrtle Grove Elementary located in Miami Gardens.  If you were fortunate enough to attend Myrtle Grove as I did, then you KNOW Mr. Wilson. He taught there for more than 20 years. He’s like the coach Frazier of that school.

Coach Fraizer
Left to Right: Moses Washington, Claudienne Hibbert Smith, Walt “Coach” Frazier

So after all the acquaintances were met, it was time to get into the show. I was running just a tad bit late (don’t you dare judge me), but I still saw most of the show.

Now let’s get into that (Spoiler Alert). The show was definitely entertaining. It follows a married couple, Nia and Kurt, who have to overcome the fact that Nia gets raped during a robbery while at the house alone. As a writer Moses hit all the emotions a person could be feeling when something horrible like that occurs. I laughed, I cried and I cursed– I was all over the place emotionally. But when it’s a good show, I get all in. And to note, the other characters were great comic relief when needed. And chile at the end of the play, I cluched my imaginary pearls when the rapist had the nerve to come back in the their house and act like he was their friend’s long lost father. I dang near ran to the stage to slap him myself after Kurt rightfully held a gun to his head.

This play had really good actors and actresses as well. I’m really tough on actors so I was waiting to give a side eye, but honestly I was thoroughly entertained. Shout out to the cast. Stand out stars of the evening to me were characters Nia, Kurt, Ponkin and her on stage husband, Daniel. However, EVERY ACTOR did a very good job. I especially liked the MoWash Agent, Chase Gutzmore, he was funny and believable. The therapist and Nia’s best friend could sang yall, and I mean sang and not sing!  And the friend’s husband was a cutie pie. Very well put together cast Mo (Below see full list of cast).

Moses I honestly see big tours with big time Hollywood actors in your future (just don’t forget the local talent, when you make big).

You guys make sure to attend the next play, which has a tentative date of early May; however, be sure to check their website (listed below) for all details on show dates and location. We here at Hy-Lo News will keep you updated as well. Just know attending the play can be a good date night or night out for the girls or guys. Check out http://www.mowashproduction.com for more details on his stage plays and upcoming productions.

Check out the list of cast and production crew and photos below

Nia Hawkins played by, Lyneise Rachelle
Kurt Hawkins played by, Vince Bell
Daniel Jenkins played by, Jeffery Creightney
Perline “Ponkin” Jenkins played by, Eboni Nance
Dr. Brown (Counselor) played by, Carline LaVie Murphy
Willis Johnson played by, Joseph E. Simpson ll
Vernon Martian (radio interview) played by, Vernon C. Martin
Rodrick played by, Pedro Sanon
Rachel McGee played by, Allayshia Banks
Lisa Jones (Lawyer) played by, Jasmine Taylor
Mo Wash (Manager) played by, Chase Gutzmore
Stage Manager, Rashard Dabney
Set Designer, Jervun “Jay” Thompson
Musical Director, Robert Spry II

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